My 5 favorite cheap motorcycle mods under $100

Modding your motorcycle can get very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of ways to customize and improve your motorcycle without spending more than $100. In fact, every item in this list can be bought for less than 50 bucks. Sometimes even less than 20.

Besides improving your visuals, four of the five mods below will also improve your driving experience. Keep in mind those are just my favorites. There are plenty more mods to choose from. Happy modding!

1. Motorcycle grips

scott-motorcycle-grips-modMotorcycle grips come in a huge variety. Aside from looking cool, they can both improve your safety and comfort. Most custom motorcycle grips are designed for better grip, and in some cases a softer holding area. This prevents most of the strain on your hands, so you won’t feel strained after riding for a few hours.

Aside from their often better design, some custom motorcycle grips have built in heaters. And even then they stay easily below $100 in most cases. In fact, a decent set of grips costs generally around 20 bucks, while a heated set costs around 50-60 usually.

Considering the customization, added comfort, and added safety, custom motorcycle grips are my favorite mod for less than $100.

2. Motorcycle light strips

motorcycle-light-stripsDon’t get me wrong, when done incorrectly they look absolutely horrible. Badly placed light strips will make your motorcycle look like a dumb Christmas tree at best. When done correctly, however, a few properly placed light strips can give your motorcycle an amazing look.

One of the tricks when it comes to light strips is that you should place them where they can’t be seen directly. The indirect light of the strips will give your motorcycle a “glow”, which adds depending on the color a futuristic feel to the motorbike. Of course, this works best with more open motorcycles.

At any rate, don’t overdo it. Also, please take lighting strips you can, in fact, turn off again. Even better if you can change their color easily.

3. An extra motorcycle cushion

I know this sounds as unmanly as it possibly could but bear with me. Motorcycle cushions can be found for under $20, and they have two purposes. Firstly, making long road trips more enjoyable, and allowing you to keep riding longer. Especially when combined with extra soft motorcycle grips, they will make the longest road trips more comfortable.

But what if you don’t care about any of that? Well, motorcycle cushions also protect your stock seat from getting scratches, tearing, and sunlight. So if you care about your stock motorcycle seat, taking an extra cushion with you just to protect your stock seat is a solid option.

4. Motorcycle air filter

motorcycle-air-filterMotorcycle air filters are yet another item that is often forgotten. You can buy a decent filter for as little as $20 nowadays. A good air filter can increase both your top speed and your acceleration slightly, besides also making your engine feel smoother.

However, the often forgotten and more important benefit is that a high-quality air filter protects your engine. Especially after a few years do stock filters tend to wear down slightly. If you are unlucky, a few sand or dust particles find their way to your engine and you can go and buy a new one. Compared to that is a $20 air filter a no-brainer.

Sometimes people say that buying a new air filter will decrease your MPG. Although this can be the case, on average it shouldn’t matter much. This highly depends on what kind of stock air filter you currently have. It’s not something I would worry about. And even if it would cost you a gallon extra fuel per year, that is still a whole lot cheaper than buying a new engine.

5. Motorcycle windshield

Motorcycle windscreens have a bit of an undeserved bad rep. A good windshield can reduce the drag on your bike by a lot, especially at higher speeds. Air resistance goes up quadratically as fast as velocity, which means that the faster you go, the more a windshield is going to help you.

While they don’t look that fancy, a well-placed windshield can add a fair amount of mph to your top speed, make riding at high speeds a lot more comfortable, and decrease your gas mileage at the same time. Keep in mind that even small windshields can make a big difference already. No need to take the biggest ugliest windscreen available.

Motorcycle Battery Tender

This isn’t a true motorcycle mod, so consider this a bonus item. Good motorcycle battery tenders can be found as cheap as 20-50 bucks. They’ll extend your battery life, but most importantly, they will make you fully prepared to take a ride when you feel like it again. Missing the first ride in the spring is just too much of a pity.

A decent battery tender earns itself back pretty quickly, but for me, the not getting disappointed at the start of the spring is worth the investment already.

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