How to pick up a fallen motorcycle

Picking up a fallen motorcycle can seem like a daunting task, especially if you got an 800+ lbs motorcycle. The truth is, despite a lot of people using wrong methods or calling it impossible for them,  it isn’t that difficult when using the right method.

The right method to pick up a fallen motorcycle leverages your leg strength rather than your arm strength. This is because your legs are generally a lot stronger than your arms. Just follow the steps below, and watch the video at the bottom if anything remains unclear.


Step 1: Turn your engine off!

It’s astonishing how many people forget this simple step. Don’t try to lift your motorcycle when the engine is still running, there’s no reason to keep it on. So stay safe and turn the engine off.

Step 2: Bring your motorcycle into gear

When your gear is on neutral, your motorcycle will roll away. So make sure to put your motorcycle into gear, otherwise, the motorcycle will move on its own while pushing it up.

Step 3: Bring the side stand down

If the side stand is on the side that is currently up, pull it out. If you don’t, chances are your motorcycle will tip over and crash on its other side once you have pushed it up.

If the side stand is on the side currently facing the ground, you will have to skip this step. As soon as you have pushed the motorbike up enough to pull it out, do so.

Step 4: Create a good spot for your feet

You are going to place your feet 1-2 feet away from your motorcycle seat in a moment. Make sure there isn’t any gravel or objects that might make you slip.

Step 5: Sit on or against the seat of your motorcycle

Sit either on top of the side of the seat or push your bottoms against the upper half of the seat. Take whichever position is most comfortable for you. However, make sure that your bottom is at least half a feet above the ground. Place your feet on solid ground and in a position that allows you to push your butt both backwards and upwards.

Step 6: Grab your motorcycle firmly

First, grab the handlebar closest to the ground, and then use your other hand to grab the seat firmly. Make sure you have a solid grip that can hold the motorcycle steady.

Step 7: Gently push the bike upwards

The most important part is slowly pushing your motorcycle upwards. Make sure your butt stays in the same position and doesn’t slide over the motorcycle seat. Whenever you have made a few inches of progress, adjust your footing before moving on. Slow and steady wins the race.

If your bike is very large, adjust your seating when you are standing almost straight. Move a bit towards the back of your motorcycle’s seat, and keep contact with the seat at all times. If the stand in on the side that you are pushing up, keep contact with the seat while pulling the side stand out!

Congratulations, if you followed all the steps your motorcycle should be standing straight again. I found this video which shows these steps perfectly, so if anything is still unclear, or you prefer a visual guide, watch this:

So next time you have to lift your motorcycle up, just repeat these steps. And if you are on a slope or there is too much gravel or sand to firmly plant your feet, get help. Don’t try to lift your motorcycle alone if it may be unsafe to do so.

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