How To Keep Your Car In Top Condition

Everything degrades over time, and that is especially true if you use it a lot in the outside. Cars have to withstand quite some abuse, both when it comes to weather as well as speed.

Keeping your car running in top condition technically and maintaining that spotless look take some effort. I’ve listed a few of the best preventative measures to take, as well as some general maintenance tips.


Aside from your car’s performance, regular maintenance can improve the handling, as well as your MPG. In some cases maintenance will earn you back your investment multiple times.


The single most important maintenance factor is your engine oil. Nowadays it is more common to renew your engine oil regularly, but that wasn’t always the case. Bad oil is extremely bad for your engine and it lowers your MPG as well. Renewing oil when you should is always worth it.

Also make sure you go for a good synthetic engine oil. Synthetic oils are far better than natural oils, and the price difference isn’t that big anymore. Also synthetic engine oil lasts far longer, making it the cheapest option in the long run.


Tires are the second most important when it comes to maintaining your car in top condition. Switching between winter and summer tires is a good idea if you live somewhere with big seasonal differences. But even if you don’t switch, make sure you get new tires when the old ones are starting to wear.

Most people wait way too long with getting new tires, and while tires can be somewhat pricey, new tires will have way better handling, and usually a slight MPG improvement as well. Making sure you drive with the best car tires for your car can help your tires last a lot longer as well.

Lastly make sure your tires are always inflated properly. Nothing is as wasteful as having great tires and then driving them around half deflated. Inflated tires have a lower MPG, much lower wear, and better handling.


Keeping your car look great is surprisingly enough more work than keeping it running smoothly. Still, the effort can be very worth it.

Car Paint

If you want your car to look great, the type of paint you use is going to be the most important factor. While factory paint can be quite good on some models, there are some very high quality car paints available these days.

The difference between a low quality and highquality paint is not only immediately visible, but the gap between the two widens over time as well. High quality paint will last way longer, even without additional care. That said, if you do put some extra care into your car paint, it can last up to decades.

Car Wax

When it comes to keeping the existing car paint good, car wax is the most important. Car wax will form a protective layer on top of the paint, protecting it from dust, minor particles, and general wear and tear. Don’t confuse car wax with car polish, as car wax generally only protects, while polish generally only makes it more beautiful.

Regularly applying some of the best car wax you can find will make your paint last way longer, ensuring your car keeps the brand new look.

Car Polish

Car polish is what gives your car a real shine. This is only for you if you want your car to shine of course, nowadays matte finishes are becoming more popular. But if you want to your car to shine, you’ll have to need to use car polish.

A decent car polish needs only to be applied every so often, and can last quite long. Especially when combined with car wax.

Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioner can make your leather feel more flexible again. After a few years leather will slowly lose its flexibility, this is pretty normal. Make sure you use a good car leather conditioner though. There are some cheap products that will do more harm than good, and leather is very expensive to replace. The good leather conditioners cost only a fraction of that cost.

Also keep in mind you never want to keep your leather in UV light for extended periods of time. That damage cannot be undone, even with leather conditioner. And over time it really adds up.

Leather Cleaner

If you want to clean your leather well, don’t use just water. The best thing to use is special car leather cleaner, but in most cases olive oil combined with soap can work as well.

Car Cover

Depending on your climate and where you park, a good car cover can make a big difference in the long run. If you live anywhere dusty or with a lot of sunshine, either you’ll have to park inside or get a decent car cover.

Especially UV from sunlight can damage the paint on your car in an irreversible way. Dust can generally be cleaned off (although it might hurt some components), while discoloration from UV sunlight will stay forever. Well, till you paint your car again at least.


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