Best Tank Bags – Reviews & Buying Guide

The best tank bags are the ones that not only have enough storage room but can also withstand weather and impacts. Besides that, tank bags are specifically designed for motorcycles because they include attachment mechanisms that will work just fine when you are going over the highways at the speed limit (or faster).

Tank bags are commonly used by bikers because due to their practical nature – storing items inside is easy, finding what you want and getting it out is a piece of cake, they’re light, compact and easy to use – what more do you really need?

The main benefits of tank bags over even the best motorcycle backpacks is that you can fit more into tank bags, and it doesn’t strain your back at all. Tank bags are either placed onto the bike via straps and buckles or by a magnet. The bags that use simple straps and buckles provide a fashionable outlook, while those with magnets are meant to deliver practicality and efficiency.

The reason why I decided to review the best motorcycle tank bags on the market today is that although a variety of models out there appear to be equally efficient and reliable, they actually are not. So dig in, you’re in for a ride!

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Tank Bags

Motorcycle tank bagMain benefitsBest tank bag for 
Dowco Fastrax Backroads Tank Bag• Universal design
• Hydration bladder
• Very spacious
Cruiser motorcycles
Willie & Max Compact Tankbag Set• Ideal for smaller bikes
• Very easy to attach and detach
• Quite sturdy
Smaller bikes
Nelson-Rigg Strap Mount Tank Bag• Multi-position GPS
• Top-quality ballistic nylon material
• Protective base
Off-road biking
Wolfman Enduro Best Tank Bag• Waterproof
• Reflective webbings
• Laminated rear, sides, and bottom
Cortech Magnetic Mount Tank Bag• Very reliable
• Smart and modern design
• Many unique features
High speeds

What should you consider?

Keep in mind the size of your motorcycle when you choose your Tank Bag. There are smaller models that are perfect for small and medium sized motorbikes, but they would appear tiny on larger bikes. Besides looking silly, it’s a waste of potential storage space, and it might even be a safety concern. If you have a very large bike the buckles may need to be stretched too far to attach a small tank bag. This is only for the biggest bikes, though.

The other way around, don’t put the biggest tank bag possible on the smallest bike either. Though that should be obvious.

There are some other features that are common among all models of motorcycle tank bags, such as:

  • Easy attachment/detachment

You don’t want to waste time putting the tank bag on your bike, and the almost all motorcycle tank bag models are easy to attach and detach.

  • Additional pockets

If you enjoy longer bike trips and need to store many items, you should consider purchasing a tank bag that is additional small pockets. This is especially handy when it comes to small electronics and food items.

  • Unique features

Some motorcycle tank bags have rare or unique features, such as additional protective casing or the tank bag being fully waterproof.


Dowco 50143-00 Fastrax Backroads Tank Bag Review

Dowco 50143-00 Fastrax Backroads Tank BagThe Dowco 50143-00 comes supplied with features that most riders find to be very useful – it is water resistant and very spacious, it is equipped with water-resistant zippers that are easily lockable, and you can choose between the magnetic and strap mounting options.

Just like its predecessor, it is made from 1680-denier polyester. It features the sewn-in hood that is able to protect it from moisture, while the rubberized bottom coating helps to prevent the bike from being scratched.

Lastly, this Dowco tank bag makes a surprisingly good pillow.


  • Universal design;
  • Hydration bladder;
  • Very spacious;
  • Top brand;


  • One of the few items without a big downside. If anything it is somewhat pricey;


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Willie & Max 58707-20 Braided Series Compact Slant Saddlebag Set

Willie & Max 58707-20 Braided Series Compact Tankbag SetThis tank bag was designed with water-resistant properties that are able to withstand even the most severe weather conditions. The interior of the bag is supported with highly durable plastic in order for the shape to be consistent.

This model is very handy because it was supplied with dual buckles – the quick-release buckles are meant to hold the outer cover down, and the chrome buckle set gives the classic outlook. Very reliable and handy to have while you are on your trip.


  • Ideal for smaller bikes;
  • Very easy to attach and detach;
  • Quite sturdy;


  • While they are perfect for smaller bikes, they do not look so good on larger ones;


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Nelson-Rigg CL-2020-ST Strap Mount Tank Bag Review

Nelson-Rigg CL-2020-ST Strap Mount Tank BagThe CL-2020-ST is, perhaps, for most people the best motorcycle tank bag on the market as it offers many unique features. It is very large and can easily fit on virtually any motorcycle. The versatile GPS pocket is designed to fit most modern GPS devices, while the protective material makes slipping nearly impossible.

On top of all, the additional pockets are designed to hold mobile devices as they are touchscreen friendly – storing your devices in these pockets won’t damage or graze them. The final feature is the “hydration ready” option – the side pockets can safely store smaller items that are easily accessible. This is especially useful for small water bottles and other food items.


  • Multi-position GPS;
  • Top-quality ballistic nylon material;
  • Protective base makes slipping impossible;


  • Somewhat pricey;


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Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag Review

Wolfman Enduro Best Tank BagA very plain tank Bbag, the Wolfman Enduro is designed with a laminated rear, sides, and bottom which boasts the “non-scratch” and “non-skid” features. It has reflective webbings on the sides, and it comes supplied with both inside and outside mesh pockets.

The design of the Enduro tank bag is nearly perfect – it is reliable and waterproof, but it possesses a single flaw – it does not stick in its place as easily as the other bags, so you might have some difficulties if you like riding fast. Overall, this is a very good bag, and you won’t have the problem with affixing it firmly in place if you just put in a little extra effort.


  • Waterproof;
  • Reflective webbings on the sides;
  • Laminated rear, sides, and bottom;


  • You will need to secure this bag more tightly if you want to drive at higher speeds;


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Cortech 8230-0505-12 Black Super 2.0 Magnetic Mount Tank Bag Review

Cortech 8230-0505-12 Black Super 2.0 Magnetic Mount Tank BagThe first thing that you will notice when you look at this Cortech tank bag is the fashionable design. It was made to look good, but it was also designed to provide functional features and reliability. The Cortech tank bag is manufactured with hideaway straps, a removable and replaceable map pocket, and an integrated rain cover.

The Cortech Magnetic Mount Tank Bag looks smart and modern, very different than heavy leather biker tank bags that are the commonplace among tank bags. It is quite durable and very easy to attach and detach, and there are practically no unsatisfied costumers, which speaks volumes about its reliability.


  • Very reliable product;
  • Smart and modern design;
  • Many unique features;
  • Aerodynamic design


  • Not as spacious as most other models;


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Last words

Keep in mind that keeping a tank bag secure is a bit tougher than a standard backpack. A motorcycle lock won’t protect your tank bag in most cases, and carrying the tank bag with you wherever you go is an option with some models, but not all models.

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