Best Quads – Reviews & Buying Guide

I have written a lot about different bikes that you can get on Amazon. I’ve listed the best mini bikes, the best pocket bikes, as well as the best street legal scooters. But one thing I have yet to cover is the best quads that you can buy on Amazon. Like all of the bikes I have covered, these will be mostly Chinese and will be delivered right to your door.

Our Top 5 Best Quad bikes

Quad bikesEngine size 
Coolster 125cc Sports Quad125cc
TaoTao 125cc ATV125cc
Icebear Super Trooper 125cc Quad Bike125cc
TaoTao Rhino 250cc Full Size ATV250cc
MOUNTOPZ 110cc Quad Bike110cc

How Big Are They?

You can get the same size quads on Amazon as you can at a dea lership, within reason. What I mean by this is that they will be the same physical size, but the displacement on these Amazon quads is going to be limited to 250cc. Compare this with the large Japanese quads which can reach 750cc+ and you will see that they are a bit smaller. If you are looking for a competition ready quad then you will not find it on Amazon, but if you are looking for a great deal on a reliable quad to ride through the trails or use for work on a farm then Amazon has some excellent, low dollar choices.

What Are We Looking For?

OK, so, first, what are we not looking for? We are not looking for anything used, we are only looking at quads that you can buy new, right now, online. We are not looking for the cheapest possible solution, we want to make sure that whatever we end up with is going to last for years and be safe and reliable while riding it.

Last, we are not looking for anything that you have to go to a dealership to buy. No one likes buying something from a dealership. You have to haggle, you have to search all around online to make sure you are getting a fair price, and you usually still end up feeling like you lost. The sad thing is, you probably did. No matter how good of a deal you got the salesman probably got a better one, he does it for a living, he’s better at it. Every quad on this list can be ordered on Amazon and shipped right to your house without you ever having to even talk to another person.

What we are looking for are the best small quads that you can buy on Amazon and have shipped right to your house. Honestly, if Amazon sold larger quads then I would have listed some or made a separate article for the larger ones, but their size limit seems to be 250cc across the board.

Coolster 125cc Sports Quad Review

Best Quads - Coolster 125cc Sports QuadOK, let’s start this off strong. This is pretty much the best sports quad on Amazon. Like with TaoTao, I have mentioned Coolster products before. They make good bikes that tend to be more of what you would expect than what you get from TaoTao. What I mean by this is that TaoTao tends to simplify thing by doing stuff like giving an ATV a CVT. This is a great idea, especially for beginners, but it is not what most people are used to. Coolster, on the other hand, offers vehicles that are closer to what you would expect to see on a Japanese or American bike. This makes Coolster one of the best quad bike brands outside of the big ones.

So, the reason I mentioned how Coolster tends to use a more traditional design is because this quad does not come with a CVT like the TaoTao. Instead, it has a semi-automatic. With this type of transmission, you still have to shift gears, but you do not have to worry about the clutch. This is common practice in small ATVs and dirt bikes. It is a way for kids to learn to ride without getting frustrated because they can’t work a clutch yet. I know I probably would have gotten a bit upset if my first bike had a clutch. Wait. It did and it pissed me off greatly, never mind.

In all seriousness, though, this is a great way for kids to learn to ride, but it is also common practice on quads to use a semi-auto as well as a thumb throttle. The reasoning for this is because of how you steer a quad. You actually steer it unlike a bike. This can cause issues when you are trying to use your clutch and can cause you to accidentally accelerate into a turn if it used a twist throttle.

The Coolster 125cc is powered by a 125cc four-stroke engine. Mated to a 4-speed transmission, this little quad can get up to almost 40 miles per hour. I don’t know about you, but the last time I rode a quad that fast I ended up flat on my back with a gash in my jacket, but that is a story for another time.


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TaoTao 125cc ATV Review

Best Quads - TaoTao 125cc ATVTaoTao is one of the single largest power sports makers in China. They produce many different models here in the US and tend to be clones of the larger Japanese brands like Honda and Yamaha. Since TaoTao is such a large manufacturer, they reuse a lot of parts on different models. This means that there are plenty of replacement parts available, so repairs tend to be cheap and easy.

This little ATV comes with some pretty nice features. In fact, it has some bonuses that many cars don’t even have like a remote start push button. It also has a remote kill switch which can be very helpful in the event of a crash. This will simply shut off the quad if you use it.

The transmission in this quad is an automatic CVT. This means that you do not have to worry about shifting. Instead, the CVT will handle gear reduction for you. Note that I said gear reduction and not shifting. A CVT does not use actual gears, but instead uses pulleys to reduce the gear ratio and multiply torque. Power for the CVT is produced by a small, but not lacking, 125cc engine. It may be small, but pair it to a CVT and this engine will get you going.


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Icebear Super Trooper 125cc Quad Bike Review

Best Quads - Icebear Super Trooper 125cc Quad BikeLike with Coolster, I have talked about Icebear’s vehicles before. They are another Chinese manufacturer, though they are substantially smaller than TaoTao and their product line is not as expansive. This isn’t a bad thing though, since most of TaoTao’s lineup is re-skinned versions of their other products.

The Icebear uses a single cylinder, four stroke 125cc engine that is mated to an automatic transmission and it does have reverse. On that note, every quad mentioned in this article has reverse, but some of the smaller and cheaper models will not have it. Be sure to check since you really don’t want to be trying to maneuver a quad without reverse.

This model comes with brakes all around. The front brakes are drums and the rear are discs. Most small, cheap quads only come with front brakes, but they are usually discs. If you are not familiar, disc brakes are better because they are less likely to fade as they get hot. Brake fading is when the brakes get so hot that they are no longer able to maintain contact with the pads or shoes and stop working. This used to be a problem with drum brakes, but you will not be using the brakes enough on a quad to ever have to worry about brake fade.


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TaoTao Rhino 250cc Full Size ATV Review

Best Quads - TaoTao Rhino 250cc Full Size ATVI wanted to include at least one larger ATV. This model is still small compared to the large Japanese ATVs, but at 250cc it is large by Chinese standards. The engine is a simple single cylinder, 250cc four stroke engine that delivers a healthy amount off power and torque. In fact, this is the only quad on this list with a speed limiter built in. The top speed is 40 miles per hour, but if you remove the limiter then you should be able to get going even faster.

This quad comes mostly assembled, but you will still have to install a few components yourself. Your quad will arrive in a metal crate, mostly assembled. You will, however, have to put on the front and rear racks as well as the handle bars and install the battery. Once you have done this and put the tires on you are ready to gas it up and ride. One thing to keep in mind when you are assembling it, use thread locker on all bolts. This will make sure that they do not back out over time from the vibrations.


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MOUNTOPZ 110cc Quad Bike Review

Best Quads - MOUNTOPZ 110cc Quad BikeHere we have another small quad that is restricted artificially. This one, like the 250cc TaoTao I just talked about, has a build in governor. In many cases these can be removed, especially on quads. If this were a car then it would be programmed into the ECU, but most quads, especially smaller and cheaper quads, are still carbureted. Since they are mechanically controlled this means there isn’t a good way to include an electronic governor. This means it can likely be removed to get a bit more speed out of it. For those who are wondering, manufacturers include the governor to protect themselves from potential liability suits.

This quad is powered by a small, 110cc four stroke with an automatic transmission behind it. The speed limit is not mentioned, but expect it to be around 20-25 miles per hour. Without the governor you can likely hit around 35 miles per hour with it wide open. That’s not too shabby for an ATV with an engine the size of a small dirt bike.

The Mountopz 110cc quad does have dual brakes like the larger TaoTao. It also has drums up front with disc in the rear. This will give you more than ample stopping power when you are out on the trails. The suspension is another area where this quad shines. It has a dual A-Arm suspension up front and a single suspension for the rear. This is very common on even Japanese quads. Because the rear axle is usually solid on these they need to be able to flex a bit. By using a single coil over in the center the manufacturer is able to give it this flex while keeping the design simple.


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I hope you have enjoyed this list of the best quads on Amazon. There are many quads available on Amazon that I have not mentioned here, so check them out. You will find that a large portion of the available quads are made by TaoTao. If you buy one of these then keep in mind that the parts are heavily interchangeable, so if something breaks just google, and don’t throw your quad away!

Of the five quads I have listed here, the Coolster is by far the best. It is not only the best racing quad to make the list, but is the best overall quad to make this list as well. If you are looking for something more utilitarian then the large TaoTao 250cc quad is the way to go. It is physically larger and has a larger engine. This makes it a great quad for working out in the fields.

Lastly, if you decide that a quad isn’t for you after all, have a look at the best go karts. They are pretty comparable, although usually better for on-road travel, and usually come with more safety features.

Quad Maintenance Tips

Quads are one of the most amazing vehicles to drive in, especially off-road. However, Driving off-road takes a lot from the quad, so proper maintenance is important.

Much like motorcycles need more maintenance than cars, quads need more maintenance than motorcycles. Especially if you are a first time quad owner, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of, when you buy a new quad, you want to break the quad in. This means not going off-road full revving engine on the very first day. I know it is difficult to resist the temptation there! However, it is a lot better for the engine to start of slow. First take some normal rides and get used to your new quad on normal roads. Then increase the speed the next time you ride, and possibly go for some slightly worse roads. After a few rides like that you can go fully off-road.

If you haven’t used your quad in a couple of months, make sure to break in your quad again. Doing so is the best for your quad in the long run.

Compared to standard motorcycle maintenance, with a quad you will also need to:

  1. Clean the quad after every ride
  2. Check everything related to the brakes before every ride
  3. Check the grip before every ride
  4. Check all nuts and bolts (and tighten them) every few rides
  5. Take WD-40 with you on your trips
  6. Make sure you can communicate with civilization somehow in case you get stuck in the wilderness.

This list is by no means complete! Still, this is where most people don’t put in the effort they should. Which results in their quads breaking down earlier in the best case scenario. Quads are an amazing invention, but make sure to stay safe!

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