Best Pocket Bikes – Reviews & Buying Guide

What is the best pocket bike? Well, the answer is quite simple. Pocket bikes are made for fun (and they can deliver!). So which pocket bike is the best for you depends on which bike is going to be the most fun for you. The best pocket bikes are tiny, the seat is usually only around a foot to a foot and a half high and they have small engines, around 30cc, but they will fly for something that size.

Most pocket bikes actually use an electric motor instead of an engine. These tend to be a bit slower and have to be recharged, but if you live in a neighborhood where you will get complaints about the noise of a gas bike these are your best bet. And they’re more ecologically friendly of course with the added bonus of being cheaper as well. Not that gas pocket bikes use that much fuel, though.

What is a pocket bike?

OK, so, what exactly is a pocket bike? Basically, it is a smaller version of a mini bike. Mini bikes are usually designed for kids to ride, however, and are a bit larger. Pocket bikes are marketed to children and adults alike but are tiny in comparison. Because of their size, they are officially toys, not to be used for transportation. Obviously, a child could use it to get around their neighborhood, but a grown adult would get very uncomfortable very quickly. Don’t think you can go on a road trip on one of these. Want to look for a slightly larger mini bike instead? Then check out our best mini bikes article!

How fast are pocket bikes?

This is going to depend on the engine size, transmission type, and the bike itself. There are many variables that come into play but expect most to reach about 20mph. Some will reach speeds quite a bit higher than that. That may not sound like much, but imagine going that fast while you are only a foot or two off of the ground at most. The speed and size are what make pocket bikes thrilling, it feels like you are moving much faster than you actually are. Think about it like putting an engine on a skateboard. It may not actually be moving that fast, but it sure feels like it.

Razor Pocket Rocket Bike Review

Razor Pocket Rocket BikeStarting out our list of the best pocket bikes is the Razor Pocket Rocket. You probably recognize the name from their scooters. That is the main thing Razor makes, but they also make a wide array of motorized products like bikes. This pocket bike runs off of an electric motor and is capable of up to 15 miles per hour.

The battery life is impressive. It is able to deliver up to 45 minutes of use when on a full charge. Recharge times are usually between 4 and 6 hours. While this is not great compared to a gas powered bike, it is actually pretty good for an electric pocket bike.

This bike is tiny, it stands at only 21 inches at the bars. It is a sturdy design and can support up to 170 pounds. It can probably handle more than that, but that is all it is rated for so try at your own risk.

The Razor Pocket Rocket is a decent looking pocket bike for those who like sport bike styling. It is not modeled after any model in particular but is a perfect example of a sport bike. It is also chain operated, so you don’t have to worry about your drive belt breaking. Overall this is one of the best pocket bikes and would be a good gift.


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Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Bike Review

Razor MX350 Electric Dirt BikeThe second Razor to make our list and not the last, the Razor MX350 is a small, dirt bike styled pocket bike. It even has real knobby tires for maximum traction in the dirt and mud. The look, again, is not modeled after any production bike but is instead a design Razor came up with. True, they could model their bikes after real ones, but then they would have to work out a deal with the original manufacturer. This would increase the cost of their products. I don’t know about you, but I am personally fine with their designs. They look like real bikes for the most part.

Like the Pocket Rocket, the MX350 is chain driven. It also does not have a transmission. The reason for this is simple, electric motors do not need them. A transmission serves the sole purpose of reducing the gearing for more torque and less speed then building up. Since motors do not have to have their gearing reduced to be able to function, most small electric vehicles and some large ones do not have transmissions.

The MX350 is a chain driven bike and can reach speeds up to 14 miles per hour. This is not nearly as fast as the Pocket Rocket, which could reach up to 20 miles per hour, but is still impressive. You also have to remember that it is designed for a different purpose. The MX350 is designed for off-road use and should be expected to be slower.

Battery life is OK, it gets up to 30 minutes of use out of a charge. Charging takes 4-6 hours which is typical of electric pocket bikes. The bike simply uses two 12V batteries running in series. By running them in series you double the voltage, so this bike runs on 24V, not 12V.

The MX350 is a bit taller than most pocket bikes, but this is OK. It needs the extra height for ground clearance off-road. It sits at 31 inches at the bars.


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XtremepowerUS 40cc 4-stroke Pocket Bike Review

Best Pocket Bike - XtremepowerUS 40cc 4-stroke Pocket BikeOur first gas powered pocket bike to make the list is the XtremepowerUS Pocket Bike. It has a rather futuristic design and color pattern, which looks a lot more professional than some of the more “toy-like” designs out there.

The engine for this little bike is a 40cc engine and is capable of propelling it up to 18 miles per hour. The engine is a 4-stroke, so it should have ample power for riding around the neighborhood. It also gets up to 26 miles per tank. That may sound low, but you have to think about the size of the tank. The tank only needs 1.2 liter (less than one third of a gallon) of fuel, and with that it can reach up to 26 miles. You could even bring an extra can with you if you want.

Furthermore, the XtremepowerUS pocket bike got a chain drive transmission, and got full EPA approval. Both the front and rear come equipped with disc-brakes, resulting in a very neat bike overall.


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MotoTec Gas Pocket Bike Review

MotoTec Gas Pocket BikeThis is another pocket bike similar to the XtremepowerUS we just covered, but it is a bit faster. The MotoTec is able to reach speed up to 30 miles per hours, but this is going to depend on the weight of the rider. The MotoTec uses a small 2-stroke engine. The one on the MotoTec is 33cc, so slightly smaller than the XtremepowerUS, but it is faster. The engine uses a pull start for easy starting, so it should be easy for a child to start on their own if you buy it as a present for your kids.

This pocket bike uses an all steel frame, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the frame. It also comes with disc brakes in both the front and rear. This will dramatically improve your braking over other pocket bikes. Most only have a front or rear brake and some even use drums. While you are not going to get brake fade on a pocket bike, disc brakes are still easier to service and provide better stopping power.

The MotoTec, like most of the others on this list, uses a chain for its final drive. This is great and should give you a long service life, but be sure to oil it before you use it. If you do not oil your chain then it is going to quickly stretch and break. This is not the fault of the chain but is just a result of it running dry. You wouldn’t run your car without oil, would you? Always remember to oil your chain before first use and as needed after that.


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Razor RSF650 Street Pocket Bike Review

Razor RSF650 Street Pocket BikeYou are probably noticing a theme at this point. Yes, this is the third Razor pocket bike to make this list, but it is hard not to include them multiple time since they make the best product. When it comes to electric pocket bikes no one else even comes close to Razor. You mkay be able to save some money by buying one of the cheap electric ones from China, but a Razor is going to last much longer and has more power.

This pocket bike takes it to the next level compared to the other two Razor bikes on this list. It uses three 12V batteries in series for a 36V system. This gives it ample power and allows it to carry riders up to 220 pounds. It uses a 650-watt electric motor to allow you to get up to 20 miles per hour. You should be able to hit even higher speed if you weigh less.

Battery life is the best of the three Razors on this list, up to 50 minutes of use on a full charge. The reason for this is that the RSF650 uses three batteries together. Don’t worry about charging times either, they will still be around 4-6 hours. The reason they do not take longer to charge is because all three batteries are being charged at once. This means that more wattage can be applied at the same time without damaging the batteries.

This pocket bike is also the largest on this list. It sits at 30 inches at the bars. This makes it almost mini bike rather than a pocket bike, but it is still worth mentioning on here because it is the best pocket bike for bigger riders like myself. It also has better parts because of the size. When you scale something down to the point of your average pocket bike it just becomes very tough to make parts that are durable. With this one, however, the parts are much better quality.


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At the end of the day, the best pocket bike for you is not going to be the same bike as the best pocket bike for me. That being said, my top choice here is the Razor RSF650 hands down. It sits higher, has better suspension, better build quality, and the highest weight rating of all of them. If you are leaning towards a gas bike then I would recommend going with the MotoTec. It is slightly smaller than the XtremepowerUS, but has a higher top speed.

As always, remember to obey any and all local laws. and, you know, don’t do anything that will draw attention to your riding, such as riding in the middle of the main street right in between all the cars.

Lastly, if none of the pocket bikes are for you, or if you are having second thoughts, consider going for an electric skateboard instead. They’re rapidly becoming more popular, and we’ve written a guide about the best electric skateboards as well. If you’re looking for something larger to sit on, both quads as well as go karts can be great options!

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