Best Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

There is no greater feeling than riding your prized two-wheeler on an open road. But what if you have multiple bikes, and you need to move? Or you have one, but you’ve also got a family? You can’t just put everything you own on a bike and ride off into the sunset. No, you will probably need to transport your motorcycle on another vehicle, like a truck or a flatbed. Either way, you’re going to need some of the best motorcycle tie down straps.

Motorcycle tie down strapsMain benefitsBest motorcycle tie down straps for 
DC Cargo Mall Motorcycle Tie Down Cam Straps• Simple to use
• Very durable polyester
Repeated use
DC Cargo Mall Ratchet Tie Down Straps• Extremely durable straps
• Excellent workload
• 4 pack
Roads with bumps
Everest Light Duty Premium Cam Buckle Tie Down Strap• Rubber coated S-hooks
• 15 feet long
Smaller bikes
Ancra 40888-26 Black 66" "Orginal" Tiedowns• Superb durability aircraft grade nylon
• Extremely high tensile strength
Heavier bikes
Rocket Straps Premium Ratchet Tie Downs• Very durable
• Rubber coated S-hooks
• 4 pack
Roads with bumps

So, what are tie-downs? Put simply, tie-downs are straps that help secure your motorcycle while transporting it. Because of that, they have to be very strong and sturdy, because they need to be able to take on your bike’s weight, and for an extended period of time as well. If you’re serious about transporting your motorcycle, don’t rely on just motorcycle tie down straps. A high quality motorcycle wheel chock is a must. In some cases, even getting a dedicated motorcycle trailer can be worth it.

They also need to have secure buckles that help you tighten them well. Otherwise hitting a few bumps on the road can prove fatal for the motorcycle tie down straps. The sudden change of strain that comes from bumps can damage and loosen low-quality buckles.

Luckily, we’ve reviewed dozens of tie down straps. Proceed down and you’ll find a selection of the best motorcycle tie down straps currently on the market.

What you should consider

In order to allow you to make the best possible decision, I’ve created this section to highlight some characteristics you’ll find regularly when it comes to tie-downs. In fact, there are two types of straps, or, rather, there are two types of buckling systems these straps use. These are the cam-type straps and the ratchet-type tie-downs. They each have their own pros and cons, and situations where you should, or should not use them.

  • Cam-type

Cam-type straps operate on a very simple principle. The tie-down is tightened through friction as the strap goes over the spring-loaded cam-type buckle. These straps are very simple to use and set up. However, they aren’t as heavy duty as ratchet straps, as they don’t provide the same level of tightness.

  • Ratchet-type

Ratchet-type straps operate on a slightly more complex principle. The ratchet buckle contains a small ratchet gear and a lever that progressively tighten down the strap. This allows you to tighten the strap more and secure your bike better. The main disadvantage of these is that the complexity of the system can be time-consuming and might lead to less durability.

And that’s all you need to know about straps, for now, let’s get on with the tie down straps.

DC Cargo Mall Motorcycle Tie Down Cam Straps

DC Cargo Mall Motorcycle Tie Down Cam StrapsOur first set of tie down straps is a pair of DC Cargo Mall Motorcycle Cam straps. These tie down straps are made with all the latest techniques to ensure this is a top notch product. The straps have been made of special polyester webbing.

This webbing cannot stretch and it will not tear. It is also resistant to UV rays and is durable enough to not fall apart even when wet, making these straps extremely useful in all kinds of weather conditions. The simple cam buckle is made of steel, so the cam buckle will hold up perfectly as well.

Just turn the buckle over and press the lever, and then adjust the loose strap’s length. Press down on the buckle again, and there you have it – easy and simple. The tie-downs are rated for 400 pounds of workload each and have a breaking point of 1200 pounds, which is enough to withstand the pressure of transporting a solid bike.


  • Simple to use and set up.
  • Very durable polyester webbing – resistant to tearing, stretching, UV and moisture.
  • Fair workload and excellent breaking point at 1200 pounds.
  • Super durable steel cam buckle.


  • Does not provide the same level of tightness as a ratchet type buckle.
  • Only 9 feet long, quite a bit below the 15 feet most other tie down straps offer.
  • 2 pack only.


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DC Cargo Mall Ratchet Tie Down Straps

DC Cargo Mall Ratchet Tie Down StrapsMeet DC Cargo Mall Motorcycle Tie-Down Cam Straps’ older brother, the DC Cargo Mall Ratchet Straps. These are very heavy duty straps, extremely durable and provide a great tightness for your bike. They are made with the same technology as their “little brother” – they feature a polyester webbing that is nearly unbreakable.

The straps are resistant to tears, UV exposure and moisture, making them very useful in open trucks and flatbeds. The ratchet buckle is a little more complex to use, but once you get used to it, using it is a breeze. The workload for these straps is 500 pounds. The pack contains 4 straps, and each has a 1500 pound breaking point.


  • Extremely durable straps, made of tear-resistant polyester.
  • Very durable ratchet buckle. A little complex, but once broken in, they become really easy to use.
  • Excellent workload, rated for 500 pounds.
  • 1500 pounds breaking point.
  • 15 feet straps
  • 4 pack


  • The somewhat complex system may be a hassle to work with at first.


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Everest Light Duty Premium Cam Buckle Tie Down Strap

Everest Light Duty Premium Cam Buckle Tie Down StrapNext up, it’s the Everest Tough-Tech Series Cam Buckle Strap. These are light duty straps, making them ideal for transporting lighter motorcycles. They are made of high-quality, industrial-grade material, making them superbly durable and suitable for everyday use.

The S-hooks on these straps have a rubberized coating, thus protecting your cargo. Being light-duty, these are made not to be over tightened, thus being even more gentle on your cargo, which is especially good for your motorcycle, as over-tightened straps can cause damage to your body finish. The cam buckle is again made of highly resistant steel and is very easy to operate.


  • Very durable light-duty straps.
  • Made with rubber coated S-hooks that are very gentle toward fragile cargo.
  • The straps are made so they can’t be over tightened in order to protect your cargo
  • Very simple to use due to cam buckles.
  • 15 feet long tie down straps


  • Not meant for heavier bikes.
  • 1 pack means you likely will have to buy two or four of them.


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Ancra 40888-26 Black 66″ “Orginal” Tiedowns

Ancra 40888-26 Black 66 Orginal TiedownsComing from Ancra is a superb pair of cam buckle tie down straps. These are superior straps, able to withstand a lot of strain. In fact, they are made from aircraft grade nylon webbing that is resistant to pretty much anything. Extreme heat or searing cold, dry air or downpours – you can count on these tie downs to do their job.

The straps are rated to have a 4500 pound of tensile strength, making them a very impressive product worldwide. Their steel made cam buckle is very durable and very easily operated. It is rated to have an 1800 pounds breaking point, so it will not snap easily even in extreme conditions. The straps have been rated to have a 400 workload. They also feature S-hooks which have a breaking point rated for 1200 pounds.


  • Superb durability aircraft grade nylon webbing makes these straps almost indestructible.
  • Very easy to use cam buckle, that is also very resistant to damage.
  • Extremely high tensile strength (4500 pounds).
  • Fair workload (400 pounds).


  • Not as effective as ratchet straps.
  • Only 66 inches long.
  • 2 pack only


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Rocket Straps Premium Ratchet Tie Downs

Rocket Straps Premium Ratchet Tie DownsAnd the last product in the best motorcycle tie down straps list is the Rocket Straps Premium Ratchet Tie-Downs. These are really heavy duty straps, capable of the carrying even the heaviest load. The straps are made of industrial grade materials to make sure they don’t break even under the highest levels of strain.

The ratchet is also made of industrial grade steel, further increasing the security these tie-downs provide. The straps are rated to have a 500-pound workload. They are rated to have a breaking point of 1500 pounds, making them extremely safe for your cargo. Also, the S-hooks featured on the straps are coated in rubber. This prevents scathes and scratches on your cargo, which is very good for your motorbike, as the paint job won’t get scratched.


  • Very heavy duty ratchets for an extremely heavy load.
  • Very durable, industrial grade material rated for 1500 pounds breaking point.
  • Complex, but very durable and secure ratchet buckle.
  • Rubber coated S-hooks to prevent damage and scratching to your cargo.
  • 4 pack
  • 15 feet long straps


  • The complexity of ratchet buckles may be a hassle to work with at first.


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Final Word

And there you have it, my best motorcycle tie down straps. I made sure that the products I chose are the best of the best, as your two-wheeler deserves it. And it would take a lot to fix it if the straps break. One final word of advice – don’t cheap out on the straps. However much they cost, it will be nothing to the cost of repairs of a bike that’s rolled off a flatbed at 60 miles per hour. Always use at least 4 straps, but it never hurts to use 6, 8 or even 12.



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