Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

It can be quite handy to have your phone with you when riding around. If you put your phone on a mount instead of your pocket, you can use GPS functionalities, look on maps, listen to music with a Bluetooth headset (check the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets here), and so on. I’ve reviewed and compared dozens of cell phone mounts and used my findings to make this list of the best motorcycle phone mounts.

What to look out for

Firstly, there are a lot of phone mounts on the market. Most come from China, and most are made for bicycles. Both these things don’t have to be bad, but sometimes they are. The problem is that motorcycles tend to go a lot faster than bicycles and motorcycles tend to shake a bit more as well. Sadly enough not all bicycle phone mounts hold up to highway environment, and too many bikers have lots a $500+ phone because of a less than $10 cell phone mount.

All the phone mounts in my best motorcycle cell phone mount list have been used by real bikers, going fast on the highways. And sometimes even under off-road conditions. If you like a cell phone mount that is not on my list more, make sure you read reviews and experiences, and find at least one biker that has used it before.

Secondly, if you take long road trips, you may want to charge your phone during your trip.  There are surprisingly few good mounts that include a charger. I’ve included the best motorcycle phone mount with a charger in this list (The Kumeed Motorcycle Mount).

Lastly, even when buying a special motorcycle phone mount, be careful with crazy stunting and off-road tracks. If you are going to do some real stunting, take your phone into your pocket.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Motorcycle phone mountFree to move aroundSpecial 
RAM Mounts RAM-B-149ZYesTether for extreme environments
Vibrelli Phone MountNoMost popular
BigPantha Phone MountNoCheapest mount
KUMEED Motorcycle MountYesCharger built in
RAM Mounts Cradle HolderNoSeparate holder

If you’re looking for a phone mount to use your phone as a GPS system, it might be better to buy an actual motorcycle gps device. This is because they work with gloves, and they will work when you have no data as well. You can find our review of the best motorcycle gps here.

RAM Mounts RAM-B-149Z-UN7U Handlebar Rail Mount

ram mounts ram-b-149z motorcycle phone mountThe RAM Mount is the best motorcycle cell phone mount you can find. At the same time, it is about twice as expensive as the other motorcycle phone mounts in this list. Despite that, I still believe it deserves its first place without a doubt.

The RAM motorcycle phone mount is made of composite stainless steel, unlike all the plastic competitors out there. With a stainless steel cell phone mount, you can be assured that the mount won’t break, fall apart, or otherwise stops functioning while riding at high speeds. In fact, the RAM phone mount even keeps your phone safe during minor collisions. There is even an additional tether for the most extreme environments.

Aside from it being a super strong cell phone mount, the remaining functionalities fit a premium phone holder as well. The mount is fully adjustable, can fit almost all phones, with or without a case, and you can adjust the position of the phone to pretty much anywhere you want. The tips are made of rubber, so your phone won’t get scratched either.

Overall, whether it is worth it to pay a few tens of dollars extra in order to protect your phone is up to you. If you drive around with a 4-year-old-cracked-screen-with-a-barely-funtioning-battery-phone, I would look at the cheaper options. If you just bought a new phone or got some pictures on your phone you don’t want to lose, I would go for the additional security.

RAM Mounts RAM-B-149Z key specs

  • Best motorcycle phone mount out there
  • Made of heavy strength stainless steel
  • Rustproof
  • Rubber tips so no scratching
  • Tether for extreme environments
  • Width from 1.875 inch to 3.25 inch
  • Can hold phone cases as well
  • Fully adjustable in positioning

If this version does not fit, they have a larger version HERE. Check that one out if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or something equally large.


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Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount Holder Review

vibrelli motorcycle phone mountIn second place we got the Vibrelli Phone Mount. The Vibrelli Phone Mount is the most popular budget option and holds pretty much every phone possible (well, except the Note 5 of course). It actually looks pretty stylish on almost all motorcycles and does its job well. Quite a few people have used the Vibrelli cell phone mount for thousands of miles on their motorcycles without any issue as well. However, my warning from before still stands. I wouldn’t try any off-road racing or stunting with a budget cell phone mount.

The Vibrelli has a flexible design which allows you to rotate the phone into any position you want. Besides that, you can access the full screen easily. The Vibrelli also comes with three different colors of silicone phone straps, red, black and grey. Aside from being able to pick your own color, it also means you got a few backups if for some reason one of them snaps.

Overall is the Vibrelli Bike Phone Mount a very solid choice for anyone looking for a budget phone mount. Compared to the RAM-B-149Z above it is definitely a worse phone mount, but at less than half the price you still get good value for your money. As long as you don’t go off-road or do any kind of crazy stunting this motorcycle cell phone holder should be good for you.

Vibrelli Phone Mount key specs

  • Most popular motorcycle phone mount out there
  • Silicone straps so no scratching
  • Holds almost all phones besides the Note 5
  • Phone can freely rotate around


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BigPantha Motorcycle Phone Mount Review

bigpantha motorcycle phone mountThe BigPantha Motorcycle Phone Mount is the cheapest cell phone mount that made it into this list. It is mostly comparable to the Vibrelli phone mount. It’s cheap, popular, and does its job pretty well. One of the best benefits of the BigPantha cell phone mount is that the installation can be done in just a few seconds. With that, it is the easiest to use phone mount I could find.

The BigPantha can be rotated 360 degrees and can be tilted in any position you want. The device buttons are better accessible than on the Vibrelli, although certain Samsung phones are still a bit tricky to operate.

Overall is the BigPantha a solid choice despite being the cheapest motorcycle cell phone mount in the list. If you are looking for something that is easy to operate and cheap, you may want to check the BigPantha out.

BigPantha Phone Mount key specs

  • Cheapest motorcycle phone mount in this list
  • Silicone webs so no scratching
  • Holds almost all phones including the Note 5
  • Phone can freely rotate around
  • Width from 1.75 inch to 4 inch


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KUMEED Universal Rotating Motor X-Grip Clamp Mount

kumeed motorcycle phone mountThe Kumeed Mount is the only mount that includes a charging cable. You can use a 2 Ampere USB charging port in order to charge your phone while you are on a trip. This a really nifty feature for longer road trips, or if you are busy driving around an entire day. The charging feature has an on/off switch, and automatically powers off when the voltage exceeds 30 volts.

When it comes to the rest of the Kumeed motorcycle cell phone mount, its design resembles the RAM Mount. There are four rubber grips that keep the phone in place, and the phone can be freely rotated and adjusted. It fits almost all cell phones, any phone with a diagonal between 3.5 inch and 6 inch will fit. The design feels solid, although less so than the RAM Mount. I still wouldn’t try going off-road with it.

Overall it is a very solid mount and the best motorcycle cell phone mount that includes a charger. If you want to charge your phone while riding, this is the phone mount to use.

KUMEED Motorcycle Mount key specs

  • Best motorcycle phone mount with a charger
  • Rubber pins against scratching
  • Holds all phones from 3.5 inch to 6 inch
  • Phone can freely rotate around
  • Phone can be freely adjusted and tilted


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RAM Mount Cradle Holder Review

ram mount cradle holderThe RAM Mount Cradle Holder is a cell phone holder without a motorcycle mount. So if you already have a mount, or want to choose your own mount from a wide variety of options, the RAM Cradle Holder may be for you. The Cradle Holder fits on all RAM ball mounts without any issues.

The Cradle Holder uses Rubber tips to hold the device steady and performs just as well as the RAM Mount RAM-B-149Z which ended in first place. You miss out on the mount, but in exchange for that, the Cradle Holder costs just half of what the RAM-B-149Z costs. So if you have a mount already, this can save you a couple of bucks.

The minimum and maximum widths and other specifications are all the same as for the RAM-B-149Z. Pretty much all phones fit except for the Note 5, and the cell phone can rotate freely in the Cradle Holder. The only thing that is lacking is the extra tether cable for extreme environments.

Overall it is as solid a product as the RAM-B-149Z, and if you have a mount already, or built into your bike, this is the one to buy.

RAM Mount Cradle Holder key specs

  • Best motorcycle phone mount out there
  • Made of heavy strength stainless steel
  • Rustproof
  • Rubber tips so no scratching
  • Width from 1.875 inch to 3.25 inch
  • Can hold phone cases as well
  • Can rotate the phone freely


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