Best Motorcycle Pants – Reviews & Buying Guide

When you search for the best motorcycle pants you need to pay more attention to detail as it’s not so simple as choosing your fashion pieces. Firstly, of course, is the matter of safety, and it absolutely comes first when riding is in question. Wearing regular pants will lik ely cost you your legs when you fall.

Secondly, your motorcycle pants need to be durable. Your knees will be bent most of the time, and the heat emanating from the engine can burn through regular fabric. So if you graze the exhaust by accident you might have a pretty deep scar with normal pants.

Lastly, you don’t want to neglect the matter of your comfort and look. Your motorcycle pants should feel good when worn. Some models are made from materials that are too sturdy to keep your knees bent in for longer periods of time. The best motorcycle pants manage to combine top-level protection with flexibility and comfort.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Pants

Riding pantsMain benefitsBest motorcycle pants for 
Scorpion Exo XDR Touring Motorcycle Pants• Exo-dry and Exo-Stitch
• Polyamide material
• Five pockets total
• Adjustable vents
Casual riders Check Price
BILT IRON WORKERS Camo Motorcycle Pants• Polyester and cotton materials
• Kevlar padded impact areas
• Various cargo pockets
Commuting Check Price
Fox Racing Women Dirt Bike Motorcycle Pants• Very durable
• Armor padded
• Ideal for Dirt Racing
Dirt racing Check Price
Men’s Heavy Duty Motorcycle Pants• Armored design
• Injection molded guards
• High-quality leather
Racing and extreme sports Check Price
Scorpion Exo XDR Adventure Motorcycle Pants• Exo-Stitch
• Very comfortable
• Adjustable vents
Casual riders Check Price

Different types of bikes demand different features – choose your pants accordingly

It is obvious that not all bikers use their machines in the same way – some people prefer to casually glide over the freeway while others are professional drivers (racing, Grand Prix). There are some bikers that are into extreme sports, and if you’re one of them, you are going to need different pants than a casual biker. So let’s have a look at the main types of motorcycle pants

Casual Motorcycle Pants

Simply cruising and driving at modest speeds isn’t the most dangerous, so casual motorcycle pants focus more on comfort than yet another layer of protection. These pants should be decently durable, but they put the highest focus on the comfort and look.

Decent durability means that they won’t tear easily, but they’re not sturdy enough to lower the overall comfort. These simple models are often very fashionable and come supplied with the simplest features such as regular pockets, zippers, and such. The best casual motorcycle pants we found were the Scorpion Exo XDR Adventure Motorcycle Pants.

Touring Motorcycle Pants

Touring motorcycle pants are not too different from the others, but they surely offer more durability, they’re made of better material, and they come equipped with a lot of useful features (cargo pockets, straps, fasteners, armor pads).

If we would compare these pants to the casual commuting pants and the armored pants, they would be in the middle-ground as they possess the advantages of both categories. They are armored, but not as protective as the later, while they offer decent comfort and freedom of leg movement. The best touring motorcycle pants we found were the Scorpion Exo XDR Touring Motorcycle Pants.

Dirt Bike Motorcycle Pants

Dirt bike motorcycle pants offer a unique feel and set of features. They are thoroughly padded for added protection, they’re made of materials that are sturdy, comfortable, and easy to wash, and they are often designed with tribal patterns and logos.

The main advantage of these motorcycle pants is that they’re extremely comfortable. Dirt bike racing is one of the extreme sports that includes high speeds and complex acrobatic stunts, so the biker that enjoys this hobby needs absolute freedom of movement in the leg compartment. They’re hands down the best motorcycle pants overall, but that tends to come at a price. The best dirt bike motorcycle pants we found were the Fox Racing Women Dirt Bike Motorcycle Pants.

Armored Motorcycle Pants

The armored motorcycle pants offer superior protection and durability. They are manufactured in such a way that they will shield you from impact without tearing or taking any significant damage. Most models offer a very attractive design due to creative armor compartments. The best armored motorcycle pants we found were the Men’s Heavy Duty Motorcycle Pants.

Motorcycle Overpants

Aside from the pants listed in this article, we also got a guide on the best motorcycle overpants. While the line between pants and overpants is usually thin, as most pants are used as overpants as well, overpants tend to be even wider and sturdier. Excellent for harsh weather and keeping your clothes below in perfect condition.


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Scorpion Exo XDR Yukon Men’s Textile Adventure Touring Motorcycle Pants

Scorpion Exo XDR Yukon Men’s Textile Adventure Touring Motorcycle PantsIdeal for casual bikers, the Yukon model offers decent durability and comes supplied with some very useful features. The Exo-Dry chassis is made from polyamide of high quality that provides water-resistant capabilities.

As for the useful features, Yukon comes equipped with two front pockets, two cargo pockets, and a hidden waist compartment that can be used as a storage for money or other valuables. It also provides decent protection from bumps with the Exo-Stitch technology.


  • Exo-dry and Exo-Stitch technologies – safety and waterproof features;
  • Polyamide material;
  • Two front pockets, two cargo pockets, and a hidden waistband compartment;
  • Adjustable vents;


  • Not as attractive as similar models from the same category;


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BILT IRON WORKERS Camo Cargo Motorcycle Pants

BILT IRON WORKERS Camo Cargo Motorcycle PantsCamo designs will never go out of style – these motorcycle pants are very fashionable while offering decent durability. They’re ideal for casual and commuting bikers, being made from Polyester fabric and cotton of high quality.

These camo pants are supplied with several cargo pockets, Hook-and-loop adjustment tabs in the ankle areas, while the Kevlar pads are woven on the knee, hips, and the seat compartments. Very fashionable, but not too comfortable.


  • Polyester and cotton materials;
  • Kevlar padded impact areas;
  • Various cargo pockets;


  • Not the most comfortable;


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Fox Racing 180 Women’s Dirt Bike Motorcycle Pants

Fox Racing 180 Women’s Dirt Bike Motorcycle PantsA ladies-only model, the Fox Racing motorcycle pants are built for hardcore girls who’re into Dirt racing. These pants are lightweight (1.3 pounds) and very durable, but their biggest advantage is the highly attractive design.

They’re very comfortable (which is the most important feature for Dirt racing pants), and highly durable, but you won’t have a problem with washing them as they’re waterproof as well. The only flaw of this design is that it features armor pads behind the knee areas, which makes them a bit less flexible.


  • Women’s model;
  • Ideal for Dirt Racing;
  • Very durable;
  • Armor padded;


  • The armored pads are placed behind the knee compartment, making it somewhat rigid;


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Men’s Heavy Duty Motorcycle Black Leather Race Pants with Slider and Armor

Men’s Heavy Duty Motorcycle Black Leather Race Pants with Slider and ArmorA perfect model for any biker that demands quality and protection. It was designed with superior armor pads that are placed on the knees and ankles, and the entire design is made from leather of high quality that offers superior impact absorption and protection from abrasion.

It comes supplied with two hand pockets and two-piece memory foam guards that shield the same area (removable). The injection molded pads are supplied for both knees, making the entire product ultra-safe.


  • Armored design;
  • Padded knees and hips;
  • Injection molded guards;
  • Very durable;
  • High-quality leather;


  • They’re not too comfortable to use;


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Scorpion Exo XDR Yosemite Men’s Textile Adventure Motorcycle Pants

Scorpion Exo XDR Yosemite Men’s Textile Adventure Motorcycle PantsAnother Scorpion product, the Yosemite XDR comes from the same generation of motorcycle pants as the Yukon which we’ve mentioned earlier. It can be considered as an improvement of its predecessor, coming supplied with heavy duty denier nylon across the abrasion zones, knees, and the seat, and the adjustable vents that are placed on the thighs for absolute ventilation.

They’re very comfortable to use, equipped with their trademark Exo-Stitch ­safety technology that makes superior protection possible, but the only disadvantage that this model has is the waist compartment – it’s quite tight and non-adjustable.


  • Very comfortable;
  • Exo-Stitch for safety;
  • Adjustable vents;


  • Tight waist;


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Last words

Motorcycle pants are one of the most overlooked yet still very important motorcycle safety gear pieces. If you liked this review and are looking to get some new motorcycling gear, why not check out our best motorcycle boots guide as well? Additionally we got articles on pretty much all pieces of gear, so feel free to browse around.

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