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When you are driving, you need to consider your safety, and not in a blunt manner! I’m not implying that you will need to drive carefully, as that goes without saying, but instead to focus on gear that could save your life. Keeping safe means that you need to be properly equipped. Old jeans simply won’t do when you fall, and if it happens at high speeds, even low-quality motorcycle pants can make you lose your leg.

The best motorcycle overpants are made so that you (specifically, your legs and bottom) are safe from possible burns and tears that happen when you slide over the asphalt. High-quality pants will also protect you from impacts and weather conditions. Lastly, comfort should be taken into consideration, because you will be riding a lot in them. Also keep in mind that the motorcycle overpants that are most comfortable to wear while standing still are not necessarily the ones that are the most comfortable while going at high speeds on the highway.

What advantages do motorcycle overpants provide?

If you have a need for speed and prefer riding really fast, you ought to consider purchasing a model of overpants that can get you what you need – the better models offer more protection and resistance, while the less expensive ones might not be able to guard you.

The weight should also be taken into account, as you don’t want a pair of overpants that is too heavy to wear all day long. Those pants that weigh more are often more durable and less prone to tearing, but you won’t find much use for overpants that encumber you while you ride.

Secondly, consider taking a pair of motorcycle overpants that has flashing stripes or any similar reflective marks. They can save your life while driving at night. A little bit of extra visibility is always welcome.

Lastly, your safety is the most important factor, and the best motorcycle overpants are made to survive a lot more than cheap knockoffs. Keep in mind that it’s better to carry a pair that weighs a lot if that means that you get away unscathed. Also, the legs and feet are most commonly injured in motorcycle crashes, so getting a good set of motorcycle boots may be a solid idea as well.

Types of motorcycle overpants

There are various types of motorcycle overpants, and they are distinguished from one another mainly because of the material that was used to make them. The styles and types that are most common are the Commuting overpants, Dedicated motorcycle overpants, Touring motorcycle overpants, and MX overpants. Each type has its own benefits and flaws, and you’d do best to decide which ones you need when you decide how you will ride:

Commuting overpants advantages:

  • Abrasion-resistant material;
  • Reinforced knees and seat area;
  • Double stitching & strong thread;
  • Flexible armor;

Dedicated motorcycle overpants advantages:

  • Heavy textile and leather construction;
  • Memory foam in knees and hips;
  • Stretch panels;
  • Reflective piping and logos;
  • Zippers that are attachable to jacket;
  • Knee pucks;

Touring motorcycle overpants advantages

  • Abrasion & weather-resistant shell;
  • Reinforced knees and seat area;
  • Vent panels;
  • Buckles and fit adjustment;
  • Multiple pockets;
  • Removable thermal liner;

Motocross overpants advantages

  • Durable nylon shell construction;
  • Buckle system;
  • Heat resistant leather;
  • Stretch panels that protect knees, waist, and crotch;
  • Mesh liner;
  • Spacious knee area;
Of course, not all pants fit perfectly in one of these categories but is how the categories generally work. We also got an article on the best motorcycle pants, which tend to be lighter but less safe. The best motorcycle overpants are listed below:

Top 4 best motorcycle overpants

Motorcycle overpantsMain benefitsBest motorcycle overpants for 
Pilot Men’s Omni Air Mesh Motorcycle Overpants• Waterproof
• Windproof
• Three removable armor positions
High speeds
Xelement B7440 Men’s Leather Motorcycle Overpants• Very durable
• One-piece front panel
• Two side pockets
Longer roadtrips
First Manufacturing Women’s Double Belted Chaps with Adjustable Thigh• Heat resistant leather
• Curvy fit
• Snap cuffs
Joe Rocket Men’s Phoenix Ion Mesh Motorcycle Overpants• Decent durability
• Best comfort
• Reflective white stripes

Pilot Men’s Omni Air Mesh Motorcycle Overpants Review

Pilot Men’s Omni Air Mesh Motorcycle OverpantsIf you need protection, these overpants will provide exactly that. Constructed from Pilotex 210D Micro Mesh and 600D nylon polyester, they are one of the safest overpants on the market. They also feature overlay panels which guard your knees. The Pilot Men’s Motorcycle Overpants are both waterproof and windproof, so you will be warm and dry whenever you ride.

The Pilot Men’s Omni Air overpants also feature three removable positions of armor, so you don’t need to worry about protection when you are driving.


  • Pilotex 210D and 600D nylon polyester construction;
  • Three removable armor positions;
  • Waterproof and windproof;
  • Red Tab technology;


  • They weigh quite a lot, 4.5 pounds;


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Xelement B7440 Men’s Leather Motorcycle Overpants Review

Xelement B7440 Men’s Leather Motorcycle OverpantsThis is a very stylish pair of the motorcycle overpants that could go well with most biker jackets. The Xelement Motorcycle Overpants are made from cowhide leather, they are easily carried and removed. Two zipper pockets are included so that you can safely secure your belongings while you are driving.

They are very durable and provide a lot of protection, but they also weigh a lot, 5 pounds. These overpants are not just safe, but also very stylish.


  • Very durable cowhide leather construction;
  • One-piece front panel;
  • Two side pockets for safe storage of your belongings;


  • Weight;


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First Manufacturing Women’s Double Belted Chaps with Adjustable Thigh Review

First Manufacturing Women’s Double Belted Chaps with Adjustable ThighThe motorcycling game was not limited to men – these women’s double belted chaps are a “living” proof. They are made to be very durable while providing the protection you need. Manufactured with milled cowhide, these women’s chaps also feature snap cuffs that are used to adjust the length.

Knowing that the female population of riders has delicate figures, the feature of adjustable thigh fitting comes in handy. These over pants weigh only 3 pounds, so they can be considered lightweight, but for a women’s model, that means that they’re actually quite heavy. Still, if you want to be both pretty and well protected, these are most likely going to be the best motorcycle overpants for you.


  • Heat resisting leather;
  • Curvy fit;
  • Snap cuffs for easy adjustment;


  • Very tight unless adjusted;


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Joe Rocket Men’s Phoenix Ion Mesh Motorcycle Overpants Review

Joe Rocket Men’s Phoenix Ion Mesh Motorcycle OverpantsAs one of the best motorcycle overpants on the market, the Joe Rocket Men’s over pants are really comfortable and provide decent protection. They are designed with armored knees and thighs, and its most outstanding feature are the white stripes at the bottom which help other drivers see you more easily.

Built from Ion-Mesh fabric, they are decently durable but don’t go overboard with them as they are not impervious to damage. On top of everything, they are very stylish and look more like a clothing piece than an “armor”.


  • Decent durability;
  • Reflective white stripes at the bottom so that you are more visible to the drivers in traffic;
  • Armored knees and thighs;
  • Best comfort;


  • Not the safest option;


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Looking for more gear?

If you’re looking for a whole set of motorcycle gear, you’re going to need more than just a set of pants. To find a complete set of gear, check out our best motorcycle gear review.

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