Best Motorcycle Lift – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you want to work a bit on your bike, or if you want to do any kind of repairs, you are going to need a motorcycle lift. In this article I’ll discuss the benefits of using a stand / lift / jack, and what the current best motorcycle lifts are.

There are a few different types of motorcycle lifts and jacks, of which the simple lift is the most commonly used. Besides being the most popular choice, it is also the easiest to operate. In this review all the lifts except the fourth place are simple lifts. In fourth place are Venom Wheel Lifts, which are a bit more difficult to operate, but allow greater flexibility.

What to look out for

Firs of, you have to decide whether you want a hydraulic lift or not. Hydraulic lifts are more expensive, but they are also easier to operate. They also tend to have a larger maximum weight they can lift. If you are going to lift your bike regularly and dislike getting on the ground for the lifting, a hydraulic lift may be the best option for you.

If you have a lowered bike, pay some attention to the minimum height of the lifts. There needs to be at least this much room between the bike and the floor in order to put the lift below the bike. Although if it doesn’t fit you can always put your motorcycle on top of some planks.

All lifts should have some sort of rubber padding or saddles on top. Sometimes some cheap lifts are sold without any padding, which in best case will damage the bottom of your motorcycle. In the worst case, your motorcycle will slide right off and fall down.

The same thing is true when it comes to the materials. If something is made of aluminum rather than steel, you may want to pass on it. A lift that breaks down is not just going to cost you the lift, but in the worst case also your motorcycle.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Lifts

Motorcycle liftMax LiftWeight 
Dragway lift1100 lbs30 lbs
PowerZone 380047 1700 LB1700 lbs60 lbs
XtremepowerUS lift1100 lbs32 lbs
Venom Wheel Lifts1000 lbs15 lbs
Black Widow lift1100 lbs28 lbs

A motorcycle lift is pretty handy when it comes to motorcycle maintenance. Don’t forget the other essentials though. Replace your motorcycle tires when necessary, keep your motorcycle oil fresh, and make sure your chain is clean and tight.

1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Review

Dragway Motorcycle LiftThe 1100LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift got quite a silly name. It’s made by Dragway Tools, and from now on I’ll simply call it the Dragway lift. Despite its silly name, the Dragway lift is the best motorcycle lift I could find. It’s a simple, yet reliable lift that does its job perfectly. The Dragway lifts up to 1100 LBS and is easily operated. Besides that, it has a rubber mat on top for extra stability as well. Furthermore, the Dragway lifts up to 13.25 inches, which is more than enough for most circumstances.

The Dragway lift is very easily operated, as it takes barely any effort to lift even a 1000lbs bike. The lift is 3.25 inch at the minimum, so if you have a lowered bike then it might not seem to fit. That isn’t an issue, however, all you have to do is ride your bike on top of a wooden plank and it will fit.

Its durability is excellent. The Dragway motorcycle lift is as durable as you would expect from seeing it. Simply a very solid tool.

Dragway lift key specs

  • Max height 13.25 inch
  • Minimum height 3.25 inch
  • Weight capacity 1100 lbs
  • Platform dimension 16 x 10 inch
  • Rubber top for added stability
  • Weighs 30 pounds itself


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PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack

PowerZone Motorcycle LiftThe PowerZone Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack is the second best motorcycle lift in this list. If you are looking for a hydraulic lift, it is the very best. The PowerZone lifts up to 1700 lbs and lifts from 4.5 up to 14.5 inches. The pump is activated by foot, which allows you to use both your hands for stabilizing and positioning your motorcycle. The top uses two saddle pads with rubber topping, in order to both stabilize and protect your motorcycle. Furthermore, it includes a safety lock with multiple locking positions.

The durability is excellent as well, The PowerZone motorcycle jack has been on the market since 2010, and so far it has been holding up for years. Even with pretty frequent usage, It lasts easily 5 years. And who knows how much longer. Definitely one of the best motorcycle jacks available, and the best hydraulic motorcycle jack I could find.

PowerZone lift key specs

  • Max height 14.5 inch
  • Minimum height 4.5 inch
  • Weight capacity 1700 lbs
  • Rubber top for added stability
  • Weighs 60 pounds itself
  • Fully hydraulic
  • Foot operated so your hands stay free to stabilize and reposition


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XtremepowerUS 1100Lbs Motorcycle Scissor Center Jack Lift Repair Stand

XtremepowerUS Motorcycle LiftThe XtemepowerUS Motorcycle lift is one of the cheaper lifts you can buy. Overall it performs pretty well, and when considering its price it deserves its place among the best motorcycle lifts. The XtremepowerUS lifts up to 1100 lbs and comes with a variety of extras. Two saddles and adapters are included, as well as 3-inch wings on each side for extra stability. The XtremepowerUS is blue, unlike almost all other motorcycle stands that tend to be red or black. So if you got a blue-styled garage or a blue bike, the XtremepowerUS will fit in nicely.

The durability and stability of the XtremepowerUS lift is okay. It surely isn’t a bad product, but it doesn’t amaze either. The lift is a bit small and the bolts can loosen up a bit. You may want to tighten the bolts inside the XtremepowerUS motorcycle stand regularly.

XtremepowerUS lift key specs

  • Max height 15.75 inch
  • Minimum height 3.75 inch
  • Weight capacity 1100 lbs
  • Two saddles included
  • Weighs 32 pounds itself
  • Blue


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Venom Motorcycle Front & Rear Combo Wheel Lift Review

Venom Motorcycle LiftThe Venom Wheel Lifts are a bit different from the other lifts in this list. Although they deserve their spot among the best motorcycle lifts, these are not for beginners. Make sure you know what you are doing if you decide to buy these. The Venom Wheel Lifts come with both a front and rear lift. To use the rear lift you will need to buy a swingarm spool, as it is not included. Swingarm spools can be bought for $8-15, so that shouldn’t be a problem. You will need to buy a swingarm spool that fits your bike exactly, generally, they come in a few different versions.

The Venom lifts themselves work very well. They allow for more flexibility than the other lifts in this article. You can lift only one side of the bike, and have better access to the bottom of your bike. They’re perfect when it comes to cleaning and changing tires.

When used correctly, they will most likely last longer than your bike itself. The Venom Wheel Lifts are made of high-grade steel, which feels very durable. Even when using it, as long as you use them correctly no wear or tear can be found anywhere.

Venom Wheel Lifts key specs

  • Weight capacity is more than 1000 lbs
  • Both front and rear wheel lift included
  • High-grade steel
  • Adjustable width to fit all bikes
  • Weighs 15 pounds itself


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Black Widow Motorcycle Scissor Jack Review

Black Widow Motorcycle LiftThe Black Widow Motorcycle Jack is the last in my best motorcycle jack list. It is pretty comparable to both the XtremepowerUS and the Dragway lift. It can carry up to 1100 lbs as well, and is similar in most other specs. The main factor that sets the Black Widow apart is the optional (separately purchased) dolly. With the dolly, you can ride the lifted motorcycle around while doing repairs.

The Black Widow lifts from roughly 4 inches to 15 inches and does so without any trouble. Operating the stand is very easy, and the Black Widow can be raised close to effortlessly. When it comes to durability the Black Widow is made of steel with a solid design. With that, it will likely last as long as the Dragway. It also has a rubber padded platform on top, and this lift is black rather than red.

The main reason I put it in fifth place is that although the optional dolly is nice, the Black Widow does cost a bit more than the Dragway and XtremepowerUS lifts. It doesn’t really offer anything that the other’s don’t have aside from the dolly for that.

Black Widow lift key specs

  • Max height 15 inch
  • Minimum height 4 inch
  • Weight capacity 1100 lbs
  • Weighs 28 pounds itself


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