Best Motorcycle Jackets – Summer & Vintage Jackets

When you are looking for a new motorcycle jack, there are quite a few options. Also, there isn’t a singular best motorcycle jacket for everyone. The jacket that is the best for me might not be the best motorcycle jack for you.

That said, there are of course major quality differences between the jacks. Brand names tend to guarantee at least some level of quality, but that doesn’t mean that off-brand motorcycle jackets are always bad.

In order to help you find the best motorcycle jacket for you, I’ve assembled four different categories of motorcycle jackets. If you don’t want to read through the entire review, I can tell you already that my favorite summer motorcycle jacket is the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0, my favorite vintage motorcycle jacket is the Men’s Vintage Biker Jacket, my favorite ladies motorcycle jacket is the Milwaukee Women’s Motorcycle Jacket, and my favorite racing motorcycle jacket is the Suzuki Black Motorcycle Racing Jacket.

Lastly before we continue to the real review, keep in mind that it is handy if your motorcycle overpants are in the same style as your jacket. If you’re looking for more motorcycle gear check out our best motorcycle gear guide.

Summer Motorcycle Jackets

Summer Motorcycle JacketMain benefits 
Pilot Motosport Men’s Slate Air JacketHeavily armored yet comfortable
Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0Many sizes, many colors, completely waterproof
BILT Blaze Mesh Motorcycle JacketAdditional armor and large sizes
Xelement BXU2706 HornetErgonomic design and reflective stripes

The main difference between other categories of moto jackets and summer moto jackets is that summer motorcycle jackets are often lighter. They provide increased breathability and comfort to the wearer, making them an excellent option for long road trips (and the summer of course. Some of the best summer motorcycle jackets are:

Pilot Motosport Men’s Slate Air Jacket

Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets - Pilot Motosport Men’s Slate Air JacketPilot’s Motosport Slate Air jacket was constructed out of 210D Micro-mesh and extremely durable 600D NPF overlay panels. This gives them superior breathability and reinforced shoulder, elbow, and sleeve areas. Together, they provide additional stability and durability of the motorcycle jack.

Cellular PU padded armor is implemented in the elbow and shoulder area so that it absorbs impacts. The neoprene collar is rolled, but rest assured, you won’t feel any discomfort. This is one of the best mesh motorcycle jackets out there, holds a great value for the price, even though it is more expensive than the average jack out there.


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Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket

Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets - Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Men’s Mesh Motorcycle Riding JacketThe Phoenix 5.0 mesh motorcycle jacket can be purchased in various sizes – from small, to XX-Large, including a total of 15 different size variants. The colors offer a great variety as well, and you can choose from over 18 different colors.

The FreeAir poly shell is reinforced with the RockTex technology. It gives additional protection to the wearer’s shoulders, ribs, and the elbow areas. You’ll get the most protection if you keep the removable spine paddings and the C.E. armor, but they are removable, and you can get them off quite easily if you don’t like or need them.

This moto jacket comes supplied with a removable zipper secured liner that is completely waterproof, 6-point adjustment system, and eight zippers for the pants compartment. Phoenix 5.0 also comes outfitted with 2 exterior pockets, a single interior pocket, and a sunglasses storage pocket. Overall, this is a great summer moto jacket.


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BILT Blaze Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets - BILT Blaze Mesh Motorcycle JacketBILT’s Blaze is a mesh motorcycle jacket that looks absolutely amazing. It provides superior protection with 600 denier protection panels, mesh body materials, memory foam impact paddings, and additional removable back panels.

It’s available in various sizes, ranging from small to 5XL, and even some of the biggest models offer a great level of breathability and comfort. The motorcycle jack itself is quite light, and it isn’t too expensive. A great model for anyone looking for a more protective motorcycle jacket.


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Xelement BXU2706 Hornet Men’s Grey Tri-Tex/Mesh Armored Motorcycle Jacket

Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets - Xelement BXU2706 Hornet Mens Grey Tri-Tex Mesh Armored Motorcycle JacketXelement’s BXU2706 Hornet is an armored summer motorcycle jacket. It’s one of the most protective moto jackets, as it features Tri-Tex Denier Mesh 600 chassis, Tri-Tex Denier abrasion-resistant 1680 panels, and Level-3 armor pads on the elbow, back, and shoulder areas. The Level-3 armor stands for the Advanced Tech Armor.

The ergonomic design of this moto jacket makes it really comfortable and it does not impair the movements of the wearer. Aside from that, the reflective stripes make this a beautiful reflective motorcycle jacket.


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Vintage Motorcycle Jackets

Vintage motorcycle jacketsMain benefits 
Schott NYC 618 PerfectoSteer hide leather, includes belt
Men’s Vintage Biker JacketTailored fit, quilted panels
Wantdo Men’s Vintage JacketFour pockets total
Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Leather Jacket16 different colors, zip-up belt

The vintage motorcycle jacket category includes jackets that are either old or look old. Some things rise in value over time – such is the case with wine and vintage motorcycle jackets, for example. These jackets are primarily made of leather, and most people like how the older artisans made their models.

This category of moto jackets might be the best for old-school people who prefer a more nostalgic style. The only thing you need to keep your eye out for is the level of preservation of these jackets. There is a big difference between looking vintage and being vintage, as even the best leather will slowly wear down over time. Especially when talking about timespans of multiple decades.

So, personally I love vintage motorcycle jackets, but they still have to be new to protect me well enough. The leather isn’t indestructible after all, and time takes its toll.

Some of the best vintage motorcycle jackets are:

Schott NYC 618 Perfecto Steerhide Jacket

Best Vintage Motorcycle Jackets - Schott NYC 618 Perfecto Steerhide JacketSchott motorcycle jacket is a drum dyed, heavyweight, and hand cut vintage motorcycle jacket made of steer hide leather. It weighs pretty much, but it looks absolutely ravishing. This moto jacket is also a signature model of Schott’s Perfecto quality. The asymmetrical zipper pattern was pretty common back in the day when these jackets were popular, but it isn’t just for style – it adds both warmth and additional protection to the wearer.

The snap-down lapels and shoulder epaulets with the embossed “Schott” logo are perfect signs of high-quality, along with the traditional zippered sleeves. The belt with nickel plated buckle is one of the main reasons why this jacket is (and was) so popular.


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Men’s Vintage Black Leather Racing Biker Jacket

Best Vintage Motorcycle Jackets - Men’s Vintage Black Leather Racing Biker JacketThis vintage motorcycle jacket features a tailored fit and the quilted panels in the shoulder compartment. They are pretty durable with normal use, but they only offer minimal protection against impacts. The buttoned cuffs are just a decoration piece, but you can wear this jacket as you see fit.

Infinity’s Vintage leather jacket comes supplied with four external pockets that could easily store your smaller belongings, up to the size of a wallet. The strand collar features a button fastening in case you want to wear this jacket in colder temperatures. All in all, this is one of the best leather motorcycle jacket models that’s still pretty affordable, unfortunately at the expense of safety.


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Wantdo Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Faux Leather Jacket

Best Vintage Motorcycle Jackets - Wantdo Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Faux Leather JacketWantdo’s Vintage motorcycle jacket comes in two color variants: coffee and yellow. The base fabric is faux leather, and the lining is 100% polyester. It’s decently durable, or as much as faux leather can be, that is.

This moto jacket features a strand collar, a pair of adjustable cuffs, a waist tab, and thick fleece. These handy features are pretty convenient, and they make this jacket look pretty old-school. A total of four pockets decorate this lovely vintage jacket – one inner pocket, one breast pocket, and a pair of slant pockets. Wantdo’s Vintage jacket can be easily cleaned with a washing machine as well, making it a solid pick overall.


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Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Pu Leather Jacket

Best Vintage Motorcycle Jackets - Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Stand Collar Pu Leather JacketNow, this vintage motorcycle jacket comes in more than a dozen shades of black and coffee, 16 to be exact. It’s made of high-quality faux leather with polyester lining and it features a vintage collar with a zip-up belt.

The jack has a tight fit but doesn’t seem to restrict movement, basically a perfect fit. Whether it is the same for you, of course, depends on your body type. You may want to consider getting one size larger than you usually order, as otherwise, the jacket might be too tight.


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Ladies Motorcycle Jackets

Ladies motorcycle jacketsSpecial factors 
Milwaukee Women’s Motorcycle JacketTwo weapon concealment pockets
Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2Completely waterproof yet good breathability
Viking Cycle Cruise Motorcycle JacketPremium quality leather
Joe Rocket Cleo eliteAdditional shells and spine padding

Ladies also ride, and this section is dedicated to jackets made for women. Women motorcycle jacket models feature a similar construction when compared to men’s moto jackets, but they’re usually thinner in the waist and weigh less.

Ladies motorcycle jackets tend to be a bit more stylish, but it’s important that they are still sturdy and reliable enough to protect you when you fall. Some jackets are more fashion pieces than forms of protection unfortunately enough. That said, the best woman motorcycle jackets are:

Milwaukee Women’s Full Length Motorcycle Jacket

Best Ladies Motorcycle Jackets - Milwaukee Women’s Full Length Motorcycle JacketMilwaukee’s women’s motorcycle jacket features a design that resembles that of the men’s motorcycle jacket. It has the asymmetrical main zipper, it’s made of high-quality Milled Cowhide leather, and it comes supplied with a half-belt that is easily adjustable.

Now, the built-in dual-side weapon concealment compartment is a pretty unique feature, and definitely handy if you want to keep a weapon with you at all times. This women’s moto jacket is not exactly cheap, but it’s definitely not expensive, and it boasts quite a value for the cash.


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Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Women’s Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket

Best Ladies Motorcycle Jackets -Joe Rocket Cleo 22 Women’s Mesh Motorcycle Riding JacketCleo 2.2 is a phenomenal women’s mesh moto jacket. It comes supplied with a FreeAir mesh material in the torso and back compartments. The shoulders are reinforced with premium-quality textile, and they’re adorned with a beautiful tattoo-like print with the “Joe Rocket” logo.

The liner is completely waterproof and removable, and the 9-point Secure-fit system allows easy adjustment. The best thing about this women’s moto jacket is that it’s absolutely beautiful.


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Viking Cycle Cruise Motorcycle Jacket for Women

Best Ladies Motorcycle Jackets - Viking Cycle Cruise Motorcycle Jacket for WomenViking Cycle’s Cruise moto jacket features a durable asymmetric zipper design that makes this jacket extremely attractive. It features various braids on the front seams that aren’t just for show – they make the base material more durable and less prone to ripping.

Now, this jacket is a classic- it’s attractive, it’s not too expensive, and it’s made of durable, soft, and premium quality cowhide leather. You can rest assured that you will have a decent level of protection while looking good on your bike.


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Joe Rocket Cleo elite Women’s Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Best Ladies Motorcycle Jackets - Joe Rocket Cleo elite Women’s Mesh Motorcycle JacketAnother Joe Rocket’s model, the Cleo Elite belongs to the same generation as the Cleo 2.2 which we already mentioned. This ladies motorcycle jacket is completely different from its counterpart, both in terms of design and purpose.

Cleo Elite offers superior protection and increased breathability – the features responsible for this are the Cooling mesh shell that was implemented in the arms, torso, and back, and the removable spine pad. Now, the 8-point Fit system is the feature that made this jacket so comfortable. Joe Rocket’s Cleo Elite is not too expensive, so it’s definitely very cost-effective.


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Racing Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle racing jacketsSpecial factors 
Olympia Moto Sports MJ222Waterproof and Thermolite insulation
Kawasaki Racing Team Motorcycle JacketSuperb durability, breathability and comfort
Dainese Zen Evo Motorcycle JacketSimple design with good fit
Suzuki Black Motorcycle Racing JacketPremium leather with additional CE certified armor

This motorcycle jacket category includes models that usually feature a distinct design. They were originally intended for professional motorcycle racers, as they offer supreme protection, waterproof capabilities, and increased comfort.

Now, these motorcycle jackets are not solely reserved for pros, but they certainly cost quite a lot, so you might want to consider a jack from a different category if you’re on a budget. Some of the best models of racing motorcycle jackets are:

Olympia Moto Sports MJ222 Men’s Dakar Motorcycle Jacket

Best Racing Motorcycle Jackets - Olympia Moto Sports MJ222 Men’s Dakar Motorcycle JacketOlympia motorcycle jacket MJ222 features an outer shell that’s constructed of 500 Denier fabric (special Cordura fabric) and ballistic mesh panels. It’s fully waterproof, it’s considered to be the two-stage rain jacket, and it features Thermolite insulation.

This is the racing motorcycle jacket you want if you value protection above all else, yet it’s also very good-looking. So if safety comes first always, consider the Olympia Moto Sports motorcycle jacket.


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Kawasaki Racing Team Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Best Racing Motorcycle Jackets - Kawasaki Racing Team Textile Motorcycle JacketPremium mesh and leather materials, Kawasaki colors, elbow, shoulder, and elbow protectors, and Keprotec Kevlar underarms define this Kawasaki motorcycle jacket. You should already know this brand, and it is of the usual Kawasaki quality. This moto jacket offers superior durability, breathability, and comfort. It’s also quite affordable for a racing motorcycle jacket.

Overall we can say that Kawasaki did a good job once again, and it’s a good deal for a racing jacket.


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Dainese Zen Evo Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Best Racing Motorcycle Jackets - Dainese Zen Evo Leather Motorcycle JacketThis Dainese motorcycle jacket features a simple, yet beautiful design. The “Dainese” logo is printed on the sleeves, and the precision Optilon zippers make it even better. This model comes in the Gunmetal Black color. The Dainese Zen Evo also comes outfitted with adjustable straps and a removable liner.

It’s the least colorful option of the racing jackets, though if you want to look professional or prefer a clean look, this is the jacket to go for.


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Suzuki Black Motorcycle Racing Leather Jacket

Best Racing Motorcycle Jackets - Suzuki Black Motorcycle Racing Leather JacketWe’ve saved the very best for last – Suzuki motorcycle jacket is the best motorcycle jack that money can afford. It’s simply superior in all aspects – it looks ravishing, it features premium quality cowhide leather that was perforated in the chest and sleeve compartment, and it offers absolute protection from impact.

The elbow and back protectors were CE certified, which could be a guarantee for the level of protection we’ve mentioned. It’s also equipped with 2 side pockets, an inside pocket, and ventilation on front and back.


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