Best Motorcycle Grips – Reviews & Buying Guide

Quite a lot of people buy their motorcycle, and then take the grips that come with it for granted. I personally think that is quite silly. Especially if you want to go on a longer trip, I would think you would want to use the best motorcycle grips for you.

Hand sizes differ quite a bit. This makes is impossible for bike manufacturers to create a single grip for their bikes that works for everyone. They usually err on the side of small grips instead. If you have medium sized or even big hands, you may want to try out some larger grips. Just to see how that feels.

Larger grips allow you to put your hands in a more natural position, which can prevent a lot of numbness after longer rides. Especially when the grips are made of softer material as well, it will cushion most impacts and vibrations. That, in turn, results in a less cramped feeling after long bike rides.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Grips

Motorcycle gripsHeatedSize 
Grab On GripsNoPlaced directly over 1.25-1.45 inch grips
BikeMaster Motorcycle Heated GripsYes7/8 inch bars
ProTaper Pillow GripNo7/8 & 1 1/8 inch bars
Biltwell Black Kung Fu Grips No7/8 inch bars
Scott Sports 219626-1007No7/8 inch bars

What to look out for

Handlebar grips usually come in either a 7/8 inch or a 1 1/8 inch format, do make sure you know the size of your handlebar before you go out and buy one. Also, consider what fits your bike. Some of the best motorcycle grips look amazing on their own, but they don’t fit the style of every bike. Especially the pink ones.

If your hands are small sized, then go for smaller grips as well. The Biltwell Kung Fu grips are a good example for that (4th place). If you have larger hands, the Grab On Grips may be the best for you.

Also, decide whether you want to use heated grips or not. Heated grips are more expensive, but can make riding a lot more comfortable in cold or rainy weather. The heated grips that made it to this top 5 list are the BikeMaster heated motorcycle grips (2nd place). If you suffer from cold hands often, it’s also an option to use good motorcycle gloves. You need decent motorcycle gloves anyways for safety reasons, and the best motorcycle gloves will keep your hands very warm as well.

Lastly, read other people’s reviews. Not only mine but also the Amazon review section for example. Chances are you will run into someone with the same bike and possibly even same hand size. Good luck finding the best motorcycle grips for you and your bike!


Grab On Grips Grip Cover review

Grab On Grips Grip Cover Motorcycle GripsThe Grab On Grips are the best motorcycle grips from this test. Although I do have to say the entire list is pretty close together. There isn’t as much of a real winner here as in most other reviews.

The Grab On Grips come in multiple lengths, so be sure you select the one you need. The installation is easy, and shouldn’t take more than just a few minutes. Spray a lot of hairspray on top of your old grips, and then just pull the Grab On Grips on top of them. They are pretty soft, much like old-school fat foam grips. Their softness does cushion the shocks and vibrations from riding a bit more than normal grips. These motorcycle hand grips work wonders if your hands normally feel cramped or numb after longer bike trips.

Grab On Grips key specs

  • Fits 1.25-1.45 inch grips (small version), and 1.45-1.65 inch grips (large version)
  • Both 4.25 inch and 5-inch length available


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BikeMaster 7/8″ Motorcycle Heated Grips Set with Controller review

BikeMaster 7 8 Motorcycle Heated Motorcycle GripsThe BikeMaster motorcycle grips are heated grips. With five different temperature levels and fast heating, it allows you to ride more comfortably in cold weather or heavy rain. They only fit 7/8 inch bars so do check your bike beforehand. When they say fast heating, they do heat very quickly indeed. Over thirty degrees in two minutes to be exact. They can go pretty hot as well, quite far over the 100-degree mark if you wish so. I would advise keeping the temperature setting lower, though.

The BikeMaster heated motorcycle grips are durable and they perform just as good, or even better than most heated grips you can find. The reason these are second in the top 5 best motorcycle grips while the others aren’t is purely based on price. At the time of writing comparable heated motorcycle grips cost at least twice as much. With that, the BikeMasters are excellent value.

BikeMasters key specs

  • Heated grips with 5 different settings
  • Fast heating (30 degrees in 2 minutes)
  • Fits 7/8 inch bars
  • Uses 12V DC


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ProTaper Pillow Grip review

ProTaper Pillow Grip Motorcycle GripsIn third place, I got the ProTaper Pillow Grips. The ProTaper Pillow Grips are one of the best motorcycle grips out there, especially when it comes to actual grip. The design of the ProTaper grips is not only fancy but also allows for a firmer hold. One of the interesting aspects of this design is that it “self-cleans”. When the grips get dirty, the dirt will end up in between the grip “spikes”, and then simply fall off. The grips are made of a tacky gel-like surface compound and combined with its strengthened inner core these grips allow for the best hold.

The ProTaper grips also cushion some of the impacts and vibrations, but their strongest point is definitely the amount of grip they give. With that, they are perfect for anyone who wants to ride off-road frequently. It includes an anti-rip tip, which increases the durability of the ProTaper Pillow Grips.

ProTaper Pillow Grip key specs

  • Anti rip tip.
  • Tacky gel like surface compound for better grip
  • Special design for better grip and impact cushion
  • Fits 7/8 and 1 1/8 inch bars


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Biltwell GR-KFU-01-BK Black 1″ Kung Fu Grips review

Biltwell GR-KFU-01-BK Kung Fu Motorcycle GripsThe Biltwell grips deserve their spot in the best motorcycle grips list. They come in four colors, with Krayton synthetic rubber. When it comes to style they are one of my favorites. Not over the top, but certainly very cool. What sets them apart is their softness. If you like to grip the bars firmly and squeeze them a bit, these are the grips to use. Just like the other grips, the vibrations and impacts are cushioned greatly. The somewhat squishy feeling may not be for everyone, but I love it.

Biltwell Kung Fu Grips key specs

  • Very, very squishy and soft
  • Krayton synthetic rubber
  • Fits 7/8 inch bars


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Scott Sports 219626-1007 Black/White Diamond Motorcycle Grips

Scott Sports 219626-1007 Motorcycle GripsThe last handlebar grips in the best motorcycle grip list are the Scott Sports Black/White Diamonds. These are a prime example of grips that are very stylish, but may not look great on every motorcycle out there. There are 5 different colors to choose from, though. When it comes to the specs, the Scott Diamond Motorcycle grips perform pretty well. They aren’t as soft as most of the other grips in this review, but definitely softer than the more standard grips. The amount of grip you have on the bars itself is excellent, which makes the Scott grips a good choice for anyone who prefers moderately firm grips with great control.

Scott Sports key specs

  • Moderately soft, tougher than most grips in this list
  • Three different densities in the grips allowing for better control
  • Fits 7/8 inch bars


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Last words

If you’re looking to make the most of your motorcycle grips, make sure you clean them regularly. Especially the motorcycle grips with small indents tend to get dirty over time, both reducing the traction as well as making them look ugly. Most can be cleaned with just water, although if you are looking for something stronger, check out our best motorcycle cleaner review. It’ll help you keep the rest of your motorcycle clean as well.

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