Best Motorcycle Gloves – Reviews & Buying Guide

Motorcycle gloves come in a lot of different types, and which one is best for you not only depends on your hand size but also your style preferences and your riding conditions. Contrary to what some people think, motorcycle gloves aren’t just an afterthought. Your helmet stays the most important piece of gear, but motorcycle riding gloves provide protection from the wind, the cold, the sore palms due to revving, and crashing.

When it comes to crashing, most motorcycle gloves (especially leather motorcycle gloves) come supplied with special armor pads which serve as protection for the wearer in the event of a crash. Besides that, high-quality bike gloves are made from special materials that make them as durable as any other bike equipment piece.

Before I move on to the detailed reviews, let me present the top 3 best motorcycle gloves in each category.

Top 3 best racing gloves

Racing GlovesMain benefitsBest motorcycle gloves for 
Gouptec KTM RACE gloves• Exquisite design
• Supreme protection
• Anti-slip design
Fox Racing Motorcycle Gloves• Extremely durable
• Silicone grip
• Hook-and-loop closure
Tight maneuvering
Gore Bike Windstopper Gloves• Phenomenal, durable design
• Windproof
• Amazing sport bike gloves
Extreme weather

Top 3 best short motorcycle gloves

Short motorcycle glovesMain benefitsBest motorcycle gloves for 
FXC Full Finger Motorbike Gloves• High-quality materials
• Armored design
• Secure Wrist mechanism
Dirt biking
Churchill Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves• High-quality deerskin
• Waterproof
• Extremely comfortable
Road-trips in all kinds of weather
Milwaukee Leather Cruiser Gloves• High-quality leather
• Padded palm
• Velcro closure
Casual riding

Top 3 best cold weather motorcycle gloves

Cold weather motorcycle glovesMain benefitsBest motorcycle gloves for 
Mechanix M-Pact Covert Gloves• Machine washable
• TPR knuckle guards
• Warm and protective
Riding in the snow
Mechanix Impact Gloves• Web loop interior
• XDR paddings
• TPR and dual-layer fingertip
Riding in the snow
ILM Riding Gloves• Amazing design
• Steel pads and parts
• Anti-slip grip
Stunting in snowtracks

Top 3 best casual motorcycle gloves

Casual motorcycle glovesMain benefitsBest motorcycle gloves for 
Harley Davidson Leather Motorcycle Gloves• Harley Davidson quality leather
• Great fit
• Leather will become more flexible over time
Casual trips in hot weather
Harley Davidson Rubber Knit Gloves• Polyester and cotton material
• Knit shell gives extra breathability
• Natural rubber – strong grip
Casual trips
Olympia 452 Motorcycle Gloves• Superior comfortability and durability
• Very breathable
• High-quality leather
Street rides

Features and design of motorcycle gloves

Since there are a lot of different types of motorcycle gloves (MX bike gloves, fingerless motorcycle gloves, leather motorcycle gloves, etc.), it’s quite obvious that the features and design will vary from model to model. However, there are some features that are universal for every type of moto gloves:

Upper glove

Often thick, tough, and resilient, the upper glove covers the top of your hand. The main purpose of the upper glove is to protect the wearer from bugs or rocks that come in contact with the knuckles;


Small pieces of fabric used to connect the palm and the upper glove between the wearer’s fingers. Most gloves implement a special style of lining fourchettes so that they provide maximal ventilation to bikers.


The palm is considered to be the area that’s most susceptible to damage – in the case of collision, most people would react with the palms of their hands when they rush toward the ground. Besides that, bikers grip the handles with their palms, constantly putting them under pressure.

Most manufacturers make the palm compartments thin in comparison to the upper glove so that they provide more comfort and feel of the throttle.


The lining provides additional attributes to the glove – depending on what type of glove it is, it can provide increased comfort, waterproof abilities, warmth, or moisture resistance.


The only types of motorcycle gloves that don’t have this feature are the summer motorcycle gloves and fingerless motorcycle gloves. The cuffs cover the wrists of the wearer, so it’s quite obvious why the aforementioned types don’t have this feature (they’re shorter and go all the way up from your fingertips to just beneath your wrists).


There are many types of closure, but they serve the same purpose – keeping your gloves in place. They can be ring-straps, button closures, hook-and-loop closures, and more.


While most common gloves don’t provide nearly any kind of armor, motorcycle gloves are equipped with either the natural armor or specially designed armor pads. The natural armor gloves are sturdy and designed from thick materials while the padded gloves have pieces of armor stitched onto them (knuckles area, upper glove, etc.).

The types of armor that are often used in the manufacturing process of motorcycle gloves are the EVA foam padding, Thermoplastic urethane (as known as TPU), Carbon fiber, Steel, and Titanium. All of these provide increased protection from the impact and scraping.


The stitching holds the gloves together, preventing them from falling apart. Motorcycle gloves often include extremely durable fabrics as their stitching components (Kevlar, for example). Critical areas are commonly equipped with double stitching.

Benefits of motorcycle gloves

As I mentioned before, many people underestimate the benefits of motorcycle gloves. Thinking that they’re just a fashion piece, or just a bit of additional protection in the event of a crash. But the best motorcycle gloves are so much more than that.

Your hands grip the handlebars of your bike which can be menacing without a pair of gloves. Yeah, you could ride bare handed, but prepare for blisters, rashes, and itching. The benefits of wearing a pair of motorcycle gloves revolve around protection, comfort, your style, and more.


Safety always comes first, so if you’re the person who understands this, you are aware that you need proper protection while you ride. High-quality motorbike gloves are sturdy and durable, so they can make a real difference.

Various models and types of these gloves offer different kinds and levels of protection, so I recommend that you purchase a pair of bike gloves according to your riding style. Commuting bikers usually don’t need the armor padded gloves and Motocross Racers won’t have enough protection if they wear linen bike gloves. You get the picture.

If you want to protect yourself well, consider the table below:

Riding styleRecommended type of glovesBenefits
Casual ridersRegular bike gloves, Summer/Winter glovesRegular riders don’t ride in such harsh conditions as other biker types, so they don’t need increased protection.
Commuting ridersRegular bike gloves, Gloves that offer wind protection, Knuckle-padded gloves, Cruiser bike glovesEven though they’re not racers or off-road riders, they don’t ride in the same conditions as Casual riders. Some protection is needed.
Off-road ridersBike Gauntlets, Armored Gloves, Race glovesHarsh conditions, muddy terrains, and lots of slopes mean that these riders require a decent amount of protection.
Dirt bike racersRace gloves, Short bike GlovesMedium-high speeds and unpredictable terrain – High levels of protection.
GMX RacersRace glovesExtremely high speeds and sharp curves require a lot of protection. Race gloves are made for exactly that.

Of course, you can never go overboard with safety. If you don’t mind comfort that much, always go for the safest gloves you can find.


There are many factors that affect how comfortable riding your motorcycle will be. The weight of your helmet, the fit of your boots, the material of your jacket, and the overall feel of your bike gloves all influence the final level of comfort.

Some motorcycle gloves offer a lot of protection, but most motorcycle gloves are made from materials that offer limited protection (or come at a much higher price), but it’s safe to say that it will be more comfortable wearing a pair of motorcycle gloves than riding bare handed.

If you’re interested in finding a pair of comfortable gloves, consider these factors when you’re searching for your pair:

  • Soft inner material – this is the key factor in determining the comfortability of your bike gloves.
  • Weightless – It might not appear so, but some gloves can be quite burdensome on your arms. A few ounces can make a difference on a long trip.
  • The size of your gloves – Bulky gloves will get you a firmer grip, but they might limit your arm and finger movements.

These are the main factors when it comes to motorcycle glove comfortability. Of course, there are many other minor factors (such as exact finger sizes and whatnot), but with the three factors above you can make a very solid choice most of the time. Just keep in mind that if you have non-standard hands, you might need to do some extra research.


Looking good while you ride might not be as much of a priority as being safe, but it’s still a necessity for most. Most people don’t want a pair of bulky, odd colored gloves to cramp up your style. Different riding styles have special gloves assigned for each category, so you don’t need to search the entire globe to find the ones that will suit you best.

Another factor that will narrow down your search is the weather. Some gloves are supposed to be worn only during winter/summer while some riders sacrifice the stylish outlook for the sake of protection and comfort. That being said, I will explain in detail each type (style) of bike gloves at a later point.

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Motorcycle Gloves Review – different types of motorcycle gloves

In this segment of the best motorcycle gloves review, I’m going to introduce you to different styles of motorcycle gloves and the riding styles they belong to:

Motorcycle Gloves For Racing Review

This category of biker gloves includes models with the amazing outlook – the first thing you can see when you take a look at these gloves will be the manifold of special patterns and majestic design. However, this is not their primary quality – they’re designed for high speeds, so they need to be comfortable, durable, and provide a high level of protection.

Some of the best motorcycle gloves for racing are:

Gouptec 2016 Cross-country Motorcycle KTM RACE gloves MOTO racing driver glove

Grouptec 2016 motorcycle KTM race glovesThe amazing outlook of these racing gloves might attract your attention, but don’t think that’s all these gloves can offer you. They’re made from highly durable materials, and they are ideal for racers that want to look cool, but stay safe.

Special seams are implemented in the finger joints – elastic fiber material will give you flexibility and tight grip. The closure of these gloves is rather plain – simply pull the adhesive tape over and you are set to go – it won’t fall off even in the event of a crash.

Finally, we’ve come to the feature that makes this model special. they have the anti-slip design which is extremely important for racers – high speeds tend to affect your grip, but this does not pose a problem for Gouptec KTM race gloves. Overall, extremely valuable, but quite pricey.


  • Exquisite design – KTM patterns with red and white stripes make these beauties appear sharp and cool;
  • Supreme protection – very durable construction material and additional protection in the finger joints due to elastic fibers;
  • Anti-slip design – this feature makes sure that your grip is strong, even in the most troublesome situations;


  • Quite pricey – Safety doesn’t come cheap;


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Fox Racing 2016 Dirtpaw Race Men’s MotoX Motorcycle Gloves

Fox Racing 2016 Dirtpaw Race Men’s MotoX Motorcycle GlovesFox motorcycle gloves are beautiful, durable, and offer great protection. This could be a definition of this model, but that just won’t do it – these gloves offer much more.

The amazing design is decorated with the Fox logo and various shades of blue and yellow, so if the outward appearance is something you look for, your search might as well be over. As for the performance of these gloves, they’re adorned with Padded palm armor – in the worst-case scenario, your palms will be perfectly safe.

The silicone grip ensures that your ride is smooth and reduces the amount of hand fatigue, and the padded knuckles improve the overall protection rating. Standard hook-and-loop closure makes them easy to wear, but there’s just one problem – the thumb guard slightly impairs the movements of your thumb. Anyhow, an exceptionally valuable model.


  • Extremely durable – Armor pads are placed in the palm, knuckles, and thumb;
  • Silicone grip – Tight grip and fatigue-free rides;
  • Hook-and-loop closure – Easy to wear while staying perfectly in place;


  • The thumb guard slightly reduces your thumb’s movements;


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Gore Bike Wear Men’s Power Soft Shell Windstopper Gloves

Gore Bike Wear Men’s Power Soft Shell Windstopper GlovesThis pair of racing gloves is a bit different from the one’s I’ve mentioned before. These gloves are designed differently, grant more protection, but they’re a bit harder to wear since they’re a bit bulky. Anyhow, this doesn’t mean that they’re good for racing – stick around and I’ll show you why.

The Gore Bike Wear Windstopper gloves are made from several materials, each providing comfort and protection. The Windstopper membrane is made from polyester, the inside shell, lining, and wadding as well, and the palm section is manufactured from Polyurethane.

This might not mean much to you if you don’t know what these materials offer, so let’s keep it simple – they’re one of the best motorcycle gloves when it comes to comfort and durability.


  • Phenomenal, durable design – Polyester and Polyurethane construction give an enormous comfort rating.
  • Windproof – The main reason why they got the name of Windstopper is because they’re (obviously) windproof.
  • Amazing sport bike gloves – Since they’re so durable and comfortable, they’re ideal for sportsmen and racers;


  • They are quite bulky for racing gloves.


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Short Motorcycle Gloves Review

These gloves are also known as the summer motorcycle gloves because their design allows for the maximum breathability and comfort during the summer seasons. They often come with leather or fabric construction, but that is not a rule. Anyhow, you might be interested in short bike gloves made of these materials because they offer a lot more durability and natural protection than summer motorcycle gloves made from other materials.

They’re called short bike gloves because they end at the user’s wrist – this is mainly to avoid the restriction of your arm’s movement while you are riding. Some of the best short motorcycle gloves are:

FXC Full Finger Motorcycle Leather Gloves Men’s Premium Protective Motorbike Gloves

FXC Full Finger Motorcycle Leather Gloves Men’s Premium Protective Motorbike GlovesThese just may be the best leather gloves on the market. These gloves are made of premium quality sheepskin leather, they easily mold to your hand and are practically unnoticeable. They’re so comfortable that you won’t even feel as if you’re wearing them, but you will know that your grip is firmer and your fingers protected.

The palm of these gloves is reinforced with goatskin leather, and the knuckle armor provides additional protection to your hand. You won’t have to worry about your gloves being in place as they’re designed with a very efficient Secure Wrist mechanism.


  • High-quality materials – Goatskin and sheepskin leather give comfort and protection.
  • Armored design – Palms and knuckles are padded;
  • Secure Wrist mechanism – your gloves will remain in place;


  • This model is not as appealing as others.


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Churchill Classic Short Wrist Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves Review

Churchill Classic Short Wrist Deerskin Motorcycle GlovesThe deerskin material is very comfortable when worn, and if you value flexibility, the Churchill Classic bike gloves will deliver. They’re exceptionally good when it comes to protection as they act as a natural shield – tight and durable, they will guard you against crash impact and scraping, but also against all weather conditions.

The best feature of this product is that these are Waterproof Motorcycle gloves – Deerskin is water resistant, and it won’t shrink, harden, or get ruined either when dipped into the water. The only problem with them is that they feel very tight in the palm area.


  • High-quality deerskin material – Soft and flexible.
  • Waterproof abilities – Easy to wash, and you don’t have to fear of them shrinking if you catch a bit of rain;
  • Extremely comfortable to wear;


  • The palm area feels pretty tight, but still comfortable enough for most.


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Milwaukee Leather Men’s Premium Leather Short Cruiser Gloves

Milwaukee Leather Men’s Premium Leather Short Cruiser GlovesMilwaukee men’s cruiser gloves are all about comfort – they’re decently sturdy, provide great breathability due to the short wrist and fine lining design, but they’re not armored as some of the summer glove models.

However, they are tough where they need to be – the palm is infused with gel to provide a strong, firm grip, and, in the case that you crash, you can easily rely on your palms to absorb the impact – nothing will happen to these gloves.


  • High-quality leather – Comfortable and breathable;
  • Padded palm – protection from impact;
  • Velcro closure – easy to get on and off;


  • Knuckles, Upper Glove and fingers are exposed to physical damage;


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Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves Review

Rarely anyone refers to them as winter gloves, mainly because they’re not reserved for that particular time of year. They’re ideal for cold weather which can occur at any time. Some of the models are padded and protected, but they’re mainly focused on providing warmth to the user. Some of the best warm motorcycle gloves are:

Mechanix Wear Gloves Tactical M-Pact Covert Review

Mechanix Wear Gloves Tactical M-Pact CovertMechanix winter gloves are famous for comfort and protection they offer during the cold seasons. They’re not too bulky and they have TPR knuckle guards that will shield you from the impact. Dual-layer fingertip reinforces your fingers, and XRD palm pads will keep your skin safe if you fall.

They’re very easy to wash – simply use your washing machine, they’re waterproof so no damage will be done. Very durable, but not too breathable.


  • Machine washable;
  • TPR knuckle guards;
  • Warm and protective;


  • Inferior breathability when compared to other gloves;


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Mechanix Impact Gloves Review

Mechanix Impact GlovesIt’s not that Mechanix is the only winter motorcycle gloves manufacturer – they simply do it better from the rest. This model is a perfect example of what the combination of comfort, warmth, and weather protection should yield. Keep in mind that these gloves are very similar to the ones above, as the model is almost exactly the same.

TPR knuckles and durable finger guards are similar to those of Mechanix Impact Covert (only smaller by a bit), but the Dual-layer reinforcement is the same.


  • Web loop interior;
  • XDR paddings;
  • TPR and dual-layer fingertip reinforcement;


  • Inferior breathability;


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ILM Alloy Steel Motorcycle Riding Gloves Warm Waterproof and Winterproof

ILM Alloy Steel Motorcycle Riding Gloves Warm Waterproof and WinterproofThese gloves are Sci-Fi – they’re extremely appealing and offer the best protection rating ever – alloy steel parts and injection molding give them extreme comfort rating and maximum protection. The palm is designed with anti-slip materials, so your grip will be hard and firm.

The only problem is that different colors come with different designs – this is not an issue if you have already made up your mind, but know that the features I’ve listed apply to this model only.


  • Amazing design – fashionable, durable, and comfortable;
  • Steel pads and parts for maximum protection;
  • Anti-slip grip;


  • They weigh quite a lot for a pair of gloves due to the steel parts;


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Casual Motorcycle Gloves

The casual motorcycle gloves category includes gloves for regular bikers who simply enjoy taking a ride. They offer a decent amount of protection, and they’re mainly focused on comfort and the outlook. Some of the best models are:

Harley Davidson Gloves Glove Police Brown Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Harley Davidson Gloves Glove Police Brown Leather Motorcycle GlovesHarley has some very famous bikes in the store, so it’s not a surprise to hear that they offer superior motorcycle gear as well. The Glove police Harley model offer great comfortability due to the convenient leather design. They’re quite short, so your wrists won’t be protected, but this will increase your arm’s mobility. Great quality and value.


  • Harley Davidson quality leather;
  • Great fit, but maybe a bit tight;
  • Leather will stretch after a couple of rides;


  • The label indicates that these gloves are “not for riding”, but don’t be dissuaded by it – it was most likely the work of some salty competitor;


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Harley Davidson Rubber Knit Gloves

Harley Davidson Rubber Knit GlovesA phenomenal pair of street bike gloves, Harley-Davidson quality. They’re amazing for casual riders because they’re extremely comfortable due to Polyester and Cotton design. These gloves offer the maximum breathability, even after prolonged usage due to the knit shell. They’re not waterproof, but they are somewhat water resistant. Nice grip and abrasion resistance.


  • Polyester and cotton material – soft and comfortable;
  • Knit shell gives extra breathability;
  • Natural rubber – strong grip;


  • Slightly less durable when compared to leather motorbike gloves;


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Olympia 452 Perforated Full Throttle Classic Motorcycle Gloves

Olympia 452 Perforated Full Throttle Classic Motorcycle GlovesOlympia motorcycle gloves are, perhaps, the best street bike gloves on the market. They’re very comfortable, they’re attractive, and they offer decent breathability and protection from abrasion and impact.

They offer a solution for people who have problems with vibration on the handlebars, but some people think that the fit is not so good. This has a logic explanation behind it – this manufacturer’s measurements are not standard, so you’d best see the fit for yourself before you make a purchase (or simply inquire about the details).

  • Superior comfortability and durability;
  • Great for street rides;
  • Very breathable;
  • Amazing outlook;
  • High-quality leather;


  • The fit is doubtful – Make sure you can return the gloves if they don’t fit you well;


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