Best Motorcycle Glasses – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you searching for the best motorcycle glasses for you? You’re not the only one. Good motorcycle glasses can protect your eyes from insects, dust, sunlight, and the wind. Besides that, it is just way more comfortable to ride around with motorcycle glasses on. Even at low speeds.

Aside from being useful, motorcycle glasses can look pretty cool. Which glasses are the best fit for you is up to you to decide when it comes to style. Still, I can help you with what other factors you should look out for.

What to look out for

Motorcycle glasses come in different formats, colors, and specs. There are quite a few factors to keep in mind, so I’ve listed them out here for you

Lens color

The four most common lens colors are clear, smoke, yellow, and red. Clear lenses are the only lenses you should use at night. If you are going to drive at night, it is unsafe to use any kind of tinted lenses. So please keep this in mind.

Cases or pouches

If you are going to take your motorcycle riding glasses with you frequently, check if the glasses you want to buy come with a pouch or hard cover case. Most of the better brands do, which makes keeping the glasses with you easier.

Glasses ready for prescription lenses

If you normally wear prescription glasses, check if the lenses can be adjusted. This is usually not the case, but at least with the Bobster glasses you can either swap them or get them adjusted.

Allergies such as hay fever

If you suffer from any pollen allergy or air based allergy, you may want to get goggles. Goggles tend to be airtight or very close to air tight, and are the best choice if you like to go fast. Or if you have allergies.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Glasses

Motorcycle glassesSwitchable LensesAnti-fog 
Bobster Cruiser 2 GogglesYesYes
Clear Motorcycle Riding GogglesYesYes
Bobster Bugeye GogglesNoYes
Red Baron Motorcycle GlassesNoNo
3 Pair Kickback SunglassesNoNo

Always make sure your vision is still wide enough. You should always wear a helmet, and with glasses on you should still be able of seeing the entire open front of the helmet. Other protective gear that might be worth checking out are motorcycle overpants and motorcycle gloves. Both are often forgotten, yet make your ride more comfortable as well as way more safe.

Bobster Cruiser 2 Goggles Review

Bobster Cruiser 2 Motorcycle GogglesThe Bobster Cruiser 2 Goggles are the best motorcycle riding glasses you can find. The glasses are both durable and high quality. The Cruiser 2 Glasses come with three different lenses (smoked, amber, and clear). The lenses are adjustable to prescription standards as well. When it comes to putting on the Bobster Cruiser 2 Goggles the glasses fit perfectly. There is foam placed on the inside of the frame to ensure they fit almost everyone. The glasses come with a case and are both UV and shatterproof. It does have anti-fog lenses, but like all other lenses, those never work 100% all the time.

What really sets Bobster Eyewear apart is their dedication to customer service. Even glasses that break after 3 years of use get replaced free of charge more often than not. Combined with the high quality and low price of these glasses, the Bobster Cruiser 2 Goggles are great value for your money.

Bobster Cruiser 2 key specs

  • Anti-fog lenses
  • UV resistant lenses
  • Scratch and shatter resistant lenses
  • Pollen resistant motorcycle glasses
  • Durable motorcycle glasses
  • Three included lenses (clear, amber, and smoked)
  • Lenses are ready to be adjusted to prescription standards
  • Adjustable strap, excellent fit for almost everyone
  • Foam on the inside of the frame for more comfort
  • Included case for taking the glasses with you


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Get Lost Helmets Clear Motorcycle Riding Goggles Review

Get Lost Helmets Clear Motorcycle GogglesThe Clear Motorcycle Riding Goggles by Get Lots Helmets are the second best motorcycle glasses available. What sets them apart is their durability. These motorcycle glasses can survive someone sitting on them, dropping them, and even accidentally standing on them. The lenses are scratch resistance as well. Aside from being probably the strongest glasses out there, they fit perfectly. The strap is fully adjustable and fits both kids and giants. The edge of the glasses is not only curved but also slightly flexible resulting in a perfect fit for almost everyone.

The Clear Motorcycle Riding Goggles come with a microfiber cloth for cleaning, a microfiber pouch for storage and a protective hard case to keep the motorcycle glasses with you while you are riding. The actual glasses can be swapped for prescription glasses if necessary. Furthermore, the Get Lost Helmets motorcycle glasses have anti-fog lenses.

Overall these are the second best motorcycle glasses out there. Especially when it comes to both durability and the fit. I highly recommend trying out these glasses if you are looking for clear glasses or glasses in which you can put your own prescription lenses.

Clear Motorcycle Riding Goggles key specs

  • Anti-fog lenses
  • Extremely durable motorcycle glasses
  • Can swap in prescription lenses
  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • Adjustable strap with flexible sides, excellent fit for almost everyone
  • Included microfiber cloth for cleaning
  • Included microfiber pouch for storage
  • Included hard cover case for taking the glasses with you


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Bobster Bugeye Goggles Review

Bobster Bugeye Motorcycle GogglesIn third place are the Bobster Bugeye Goggles. The Bobster Bugeye Goggles are made with polycarbonate lenses. On top of the Polycarbonate, there is a 100% UV protection coating, allowing you to ride as much as you want without worrying about the sun. The Lenses are only available in amber. The Bugeye Goggles come with a special holding pouch (cloth) as well.

Much like the Bobster Cruiser 2 Goggles the Bugeye Goggles are high quality with foam on the inside of the frame for more comfort. Compared to the Cruiser 2 the Bugeye is a bit cheaper. Overall it is a solid choice for motorcycle glasses.

Bobster Bugeye key specs

  • Anti-fog lenses
  • 100% UV resistant lenses
  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • Pollen resistant motorcycle glasses
  • Durable motorcycle glasses
  • Only available in a variety of colors
  • Adjustable strap, excellent fit for almost everyone
  • Foam on the inside of the frame for more comfort
  • Included pouch for taking the glasses with you


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Red Baron Motorcycle / Aviator Goggles Review

Red Baron Motorcycle GogglesThe Red Baron Motorcycle Goggles are both stylish and made to take quite some abuse. The lenses are 100% shatterproof (made of polycarbonate) and exceed the UV 400 standards. Aside from being sun resistant, the Red Baron glasses are also wind resistant. The thick foam padding can take very strong winds and keeps all the dust out. They’re used by aviators as well after all.

The Red Baron’s lenses are amber colored and scratch resistant. The view you get is pretty good, especially during summer days. When it gets darker outside I would recommend wearing clear lenses as these lenses are pretty dark. They fit pretty well on your head and are comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Besides that, they look nice and are pretty cheap. You can’t really go wrong with them.

Red Baron key specs

  • 100% shatterproof lenses
  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • Exceeds UV 400 standard
  • Fully pollen, dust, and wind resistant
  • Only available in dark amber, great during the day, less so during the night
  • Adjustable strap, excellent fit for almost everyone
  • Foam on the inside of the frame for more comfort


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3 Pairs Kickback Foam Padded Motorcycle Sunglasses Review

3 Pairs Kickback Motorcycle SunglassesThe 3 Pairs Kickback sunglasses are the most popular motorcycle glasses right now. You get three pairs for the price of one, which is a pretty nice deal. The quality, however, is not that good. The hinges break off easily, so handle them with care. Also keep in mind those are sunglasses, not goggles. If you want to go fast, don’t wear these sunglasses without any additional windshield. Other that those two issues, the 3 Pairs Kickback sunglasses are great value. The lenses come in clear, smoke, and yellow. This allows you to use a pair no matter whether it is day or night.

The glasses do have a bit of foam on the inside of the frame, which makes the glasses more comfortable to wear. The glasses are scratch resistance with a UV400 filter as well. Overall you get a lot of bang for your buck at the cost of the quality. Still, three pairs of glasses for the price of one can be a great deal if you drive both during the day and at night.

3 Pair Kickback Sunglasses key specs

  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • UV400 filter lenses
  • Foam on the inside of the frame for more comfort
  • Three glasses in clear, smoke, and yellow. Allowing you to use one at any point during the day or night
  • Most popular choice overall


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