Best Motorcycle Gear – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy some new motorcycle gear? If you are riding regularly, and if you ride on highways rather than in the garden, you’re going to need durable and safe motorcycle gear.

The best motorcycle gear tends to cost a pretty dime. But often enough, the increased durability makes it worth it. And that’s not even taking into account the medical bills you end up paying when using bad gear.

Nowadays almost all premium brands sell their gear online, often with a discount on Amazon. I’ve spent quite a few hours going through all the brands and items before, so here is my list of best motorcycle gear on Amazon.

Best Motorcycle Gear – Helmets

Best Motorcycle Gear - HelmetsI’ve written an article about the best full face helmets before, and my favorite is the Shoei RF-1200. I have only considered full face helmets, and I think you should too, even if you are planning on only riding in the city. Full face helmets offer a lot more protection, and you aren’t sitting on a scooter.

My recommendation: stay safe and always wear a top notch full face helmet. Your helmet is the single most important part of your protective gear, so even if you skimp out on the other stuff, make sure you get a high-quality helmet. If the Shoei RF-1200 isn’t for you, consider the AGV AX 8 EVO Naked or the Nexx XR2.

Best Motorcycle Gear – Jackets

Best Motorcycle Gear - JacketsMotorcycle jackets are less important than helmets, gloves, and boots. That doesn’t make them unimportant, though. Especially with impacts, a solid jacket can save your life. Some of the better jackets also include spine protectors, which means the chances of being lifelong disabled after an unlucky hit are a lot lower.

We got an article dedicated to the best motorcycle jackets already, in which we discuss multiple categories of motorcycle jackets. My favorite overall is the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0, although if you have plenty of money to spend, you could go with the Olympia motorcycle jacket MJ222 instead.

Best Motorcycle Gear – Boots

Best Motorcycle Gear - BootsI personally consider motorcycle boots the third most important item (right behind the helmet and the gloves), although not everyone may agree with that.

Interestingly enough, if you look at the motorcycle related injury statistics, the majority of injuries actually happen in the feet and leg area. So if possible, get a solid pair of riding boots. Not only do they protect your feet better, but on longer trips, they are a whole lot more comfortable as well.

We got an in-depth article on the best motorcycle boots already, which discusses multiple categories and what to look out for. To summarize, the Harley-Davidson Axel High Cut are my favorite boots, with the Alpinestars SMX-3 being the runner-up.

Best Motorcycle Gear – Pants

Best Motorcycle Gear - PantsMotorcycle pants are in a lot of ways rather similar to motorcycle jackets. They’re extra durable, sturdy, impact resistant, and may contain additional armor. Make sure you get a waterproof and wind resistant set, or rainy and stormy rides won’t be that much fun.

We already got an in-depth article about the best motorcycle pants if you’re looking for more info. My favorite is the Scorpion Exo XDR Yukon thanks to it being fully waterproof, yet it’s still a very comfortable model. It also has some adjustable hip vents for hot summer days, so these pants work all year long.

Another option is to check our best motorcycle overpants guide, which has motorcycle overpants that come in super handy if you want your normal clothes to still look good at the end of the trip. Ideal for both commutes and harsh weather.

Best Motorcycle Gear – Gloves

Best Motorcycle Gear - GlovesLast, but not least, are the motorcycle gloves. As with the other riding gear, we already got an in-depth best motorcycle gloves article, which discusses a variety of categories and what to look out for. That said, my favorite motorcycle gloves are the Mechanix Wear Tactical M-Pact. On the one hand, they are comfortable, machine washable, and easy to use, while on the other hand they also provide decent protection and very good grip. They’re also waterproof (as all motorcycle gloves should be).

Motorcycle gloves tend to be the cheapest piece of motorcycle gear that you need, and high-quality gloves aren’t that much more expensive either. Besides protecting your hands, they can also help against cold, rain, and ice storms, so if your local weather tends to be like that, make sure you get an extra solid pair of motorcycle gloves.


Motorcycle gear is important, and there is a lot to be said about each piece individually. If I had to write everything down on a single page it would become a book rather than an article, as there is so much to say about every single item.

If you are unsure about what to buy and you don’t want to spend hours reading and checking everything, either go with some of my favorites or pick brand items as you can rarely go wrong with their gear. Brands have their brand image to lose after all.

Lastly, we recently added a guide to the best motorcycle glasses. Not exactly safety gear, but still belongs to the motorcycle gear page.

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