Best Motorcycle Cover – Waterproof and Dustproof

Occasionally you may want to store your motorcycle for longer periods. Unfortunately, nature has quite a few things to throw at your motorcycle that won’t do it any good. Water can lead to rust, sunlight can lead to discoloration, and dust can cause issues with your bike’s performance. If you are planning on storing your motorcycle for a longer period of time, or you want to park it in the rain regularly, you should get yourself a motorcycle cover. In this article, I review the best motorcycle covers I could find.

If you are going to buy a motorcycle cover (which you should), make sure you buy a high quality cover. Buying the cheapest waterproof motorcycle cover you can find will most likely not be durable, and neither stop dust from messing up your ride. Worst case scenario, you leave your motorcycle covered in the heat, and your cheap waterproof motorcycle cover turns out to not be heat resistant at all.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Covers

Motorcycle coverWaterproofTop specs 
Dowco Guardian WeatherAll PlusYes• Heat shielded
• Extremely durable
• Lifetime warranty
• Vented cover
Badass Moto Gear All WxYes• Scratch resistant
• Sunlight resistant
• Double vented
• Safety striping
UltraGard 4-459No• Windshield liner
• Heat shielded
• Lightweight
• Model from 2015
Gaucho Motorcycle CoverYes• Two vents
• Includes carry bag
• Sunlight resistant
• 4XL model available

Dowco Guardian UltraLite PlusNo• Security hole for locks
• Includes storage bag

What to look out for

When you are searching for a new cover keep in mind that having a waterproof motorcycle cover is nice, but there are a lot more important factors. When deciding on which covers are the best, I looked at durability, dust resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, UV resistance, and extras. Each of those factors can be very important depending on how you want to use your motorcycle cover. I’ll summarize the factors shortly:


You don’t want a motorcycle cover that easily rips or breaks down within a year. Durability is quite simple the answer to the question “How many years is this motorcycle cover going to last?” I give bonus points for extensive guarantees and warranties.

Dust Resistance

In the best case scenario, a dusty bike looks dusty. In the worst case scenario, it breaks down. When storing your bike for longer periods of time (months), make sure to use a dustproof motorcycle cover.

Heat Resistance

Do you want to throw the motorcycle cover on your bike the second you step off, or do you want to have to wait 10 minutes every time? Heat resistant motorcycle covers allow you to put the cover on the bike immediately, even if the exhausts are still hot.

Water Resistance

A waterproof motorcycle cover is what most people look for in the first place. Almost all covers claim to be waterproof or water-resistant, yet few truly are. In this review, I have marked the covers that are not 100% waterproof clearly.

UV Resistance

If you live anywhere with a lot of sunshine, the UV rays may discolor the motorcycle cover. Or in some cases with very cheap motorcycle covers the UV rays may discolor the bike itself right through the cover. UV resistance prevents that.

Ease of Use

A motorcycle cover that takes a long time to get properly set up is a real nightmare. If you get one of those, then if you are anything like me, you’ll not bother with it after the first few times. Which is quite a waste of course.

An easy to use motorcycle cover should be usable within 2 minutes. Unpacking and storing should take less than a minute and the stored size shouldn’t be too large.

Individual Motorcycle Cover Reviews

Below I have summarized my findings each of the best motorcycle covers separately, put together in a small motorcycle cover review for each of the covers that made the cut. Good luck picking the best motorcycle cover for your bike!

Dowco Guardian WeatherAll Plus Motorcycle Cover review

Dowco Guardian WeatherAll Plus Motorcycle cover 200

The best motorcycle cover in this review is the Dowco Guardian WeatherAll Plus. The Dowco Guardian is the most popular and most proven motorcycle cover available. The Brand Dowco is a leader in top notch motorcycle covers, and the WeatherAll Plus is their best motorcycle cover available. It simply has everything you may ever need. Besides that, it comes in all sizes and all models.

Dowco WeatherAll Plus key specs

  • Fully waterproof motorcycle cover that includes waterproof coating, waterproof seams, and waterproof fabrics.
  • Heat shielded by aluminized coating. This means that you don’t have to wait for your motorcycle to cool down. You can just put the motorcycle cover on while your motorcycle is still hot.
  • Double taped seams that are extremely durable.
  • Reflective materials that don’t just help the heat shield, but also improve its visibility.
  • Sewn in security hole to lock your bike more easily.
  • Compression bag included for comfortable traveling.
  • Lifetime limited warranty. Any material or workmanship defects are covered.
  • Vented cover to prevent moisture build-up.


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Badass Moto Gear All Wx Motorcycle Cover review

Badass Moto Gear All Wx Motorcycle cover 200The Badass Moto Gear All Wx is another all-around motorcycle cover like the Dowco WeatherAll Plus. It is resistant to pretty much everything you can think of. The Badass Motogear brand is one of the newest players in the market, and as such the All Wx Motorcycle cover is from 2015. Although the cover is a lot newer and slightly cheaper than the Dowco WeatherAll Plus, the quality seems to be slightly worse as well. Still, the Badass Moto Gear All Wx definitely deserves the second spot in this review.

Badass Moto Gear All Wx key specs

  • Fully waterproof motorcycle cover with taped seams.
  • Model from 2015
  • Heat shielded in the exhaust area so the motorcycle cover can be used on a still hot motorcycle.
  • Specialized non-scratch liner.
  • Sunlight resistant.
  • Double vented as protection against condensation.
  • Reflective safety striping for better visibility in the dark.
  • Three different sizes


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UltraGard 4-459 review

UltraGard 4-459 Motorcycle cover 200The UltraGard 4-459 is a cruiser motorcycle cover. UltraGard does have models for different kind of bikes, but the cruiser model is by far the most popular. They offer most of their motorcycle covers in different colors, and unlike their competitors one of the colors for the UltraGard 4-459 is bright pink. So if you always wanted to have a bright pink motorcycle cover, this is the one for you. More seriously, the UltraGard motorcycle cover is a decent heat resistant and waterproof cover. The main downside is that it does not have any vents, which means dew or moisture can build up inside.

UltraGard 4-459 key specs

  • Heavy duty water resistant motorcycle cover (May not be entirely waterproof!).
  • Scorch resistant heat shield allowing you to use the motorcycle cover while your bike is still hot.
  • SoftTek windshield liner. Helps a lot in more windy areas.
  • Model from 2015
  • Lightweight (2.7lbs), making it easier to keep the cover with you during traveling.


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Gaucho Motorcycle Cover review

Gaucho Motorcycle Cover Motorcycle cover 200The Gaucho motorcycle cover is one of the latest brands and latest covers available. Originally from December 2015, the Gaucho is made for large to very large motorcycles. Besides being naturally large, and having extremely large models, the Gaucho motorcycle cover is the cheapest option in this list. One downside is that it doesn’t include a heat shield, and you will have to let your bike cool down for about 10 minutes before putting the cover on.

Gaucho Motorcycle Cover key specs

  • Naturally large, and there is even a 4XL model available.
  • Fully waterproof motorcycle cover.
  • Two vents against moisture and dew inside the bag.
  • Includes a carry bag.
  • UV resistant, keeping the bike with cover in sunlight for longer periods of time won’t harm the cover or bike.
  • Gaucho guarantees a 12 month “hassle free” replacement or refund.


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Dowco Guardian UltraLite Plus review

Dowco Guardian UltraLite Plus Motorcycle cover 200The Dowco Guardian Ultralite Plus is designed specifically for traveling. It is light weight, includes a compression storage bag, and is easy to use. Because of that, it has been one of the most popular traveling motorcycle covers around. Besides that, it is a Dowco cover, which means excellent quality. basically, if you travel a lot, this motorcycle cover might be ideal for you.

Dowco UltraLite Plus key specs

  • Water resistant motorcycle cover (not entirely waterproof!).
  • Includes a compression storage bag.
  • Includes a security hole for locks.
  • Made for both indoor and outdoor usage.


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Last words

If you are buying a motorcycle cover because you want to go camping, check out our article about the best motorcycle tents. Those tents are usually made to be portable, easy to set-up, easy to get packed again, and capable of withstanding quite some forces of nature. Basically exactly what you are looking for when you need a tent for a motorcycle trip.

Some of the motorcycle covers listed above will come with security holes for a lock. None of the motorcycle covers come with their own lock, so if you want to secure your motorcycle and cover, you should get your own motorcycle lock separately.

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