Best Motorcycle Cleaner – Reviews & Buying Guide

I’ve discussed the importance of keeping your motorcycle clean before in my best motorcycle covers article. To summarize, dirt can wear down your bike and can cost you a lot more money in the long run than something as cheap as motorcycle cleaner. The best motorcycle cleaners even protect your bike from corrosion, can remove small rust spots, and can make your motorcycle more dust resistant.

Motorcycle cleaners come in quite a variety. Some products are made solely for the wheels, while others are made to make your motorcycle shine. In this review, I have included two starter sets as well as three of the best motorcycle cleaner bottles.

What to look out for

First off, what do you want to clean? Some parts of your bike, for example, the wheels, have specific products dedicated to them. There are also overall cleaners and starter kits. If you want to clean your entire motorcycle it is a good idea to check whether your bike has any leather surfaces you want to clean as well. If so, the Meguiar set includes a leather conditioner.

Some products contain toxic or even acid materials. The good news is that this has been reduced a lot, mainly thanks to stricter safety controls. Still, some of the cleaning products you can buy on the internet use materials that are both bad for your health and will harm your bike in the long run. I’ve double-checked each item in the best motorcycle cleaner list to make sure these all comply with the safety standards.

Lastly, don’t forget the microfiber clothes. Normal towels aren’t made to be used on anything other than skin. To make sure you don’t cause any scratches it is a good idea to use microfiber cloths. I’ve added a short review of the best microfiber cleaning cloth at the end of the review, or you can check them out here on Amazon.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Cleaners

Motorcycle cleanersSizeMade for 
S100 Motorcycle Cleaning KitVarious bottlesEverything
Meguiar's Motorcycle Cleaning KitVarious bottlesEverything
S100 Total Cleaner Bottle33.8 ounceAll-in-one bottle
Purple Slice Motorcycle Spray32 ounceExtra shine
CarGuys Cleaner Spray18 ounceWheel

If you want to clean your motorcycle helmet as well, don’t just use a normal motorcycle cleaner product. Helmets are very delicate, and should be handled with care. Because of that, some of the best brands made dedicated helmet cleaners. Interested in which helmet cleaners are the best according to us? Read our best motorcycle helmet cleaner review.

S100 12000C Motorcycle Detailing Kit Review

s100 12000c motorcycle cleaner kitIf you want to give your motorcycle a good and proper cleaning, you can’t go wrong with the S100 Motorcycle Detailing kit. It is the most inclusive and best motorcycle cleaner kit that I came across. Inside the S100 Cleaning Kit, you will find a large bottle of Total Cycle Cleaner, a Corrosion Protectant Spray,  a Finish Restorer, and a Detail and Wax spray. All these products are available individually (at a way higher total price). In the set, these products also come with a handy motorcycle drying towel and sponge.

S100 is the best brand when it comes to motorcycle cleaning products, and especially the Total Cycle Cleaner is one of the most popular and best products you can find. The set contains everything you need to take proper care of your bike and is the best choice if you just want a solid overall option.

S100 12000C key specs

  • Includes four different cleaning products, a motorcycle cleaning towel, and a sponge
  • Handles everything from degreasing the wheels to waxing the body of your bike
  • Best cleaning starter kit


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Meguiar’s G55033 Motorcycle Care Kit Review

meguiar g55033 motorcycle cleaner kitMuch like the S100 12000c, Meguiar’s G55033 is an all included motorcycle cleaning set. While Meguiar is not as popular as S100, their products do tend to come at a bit of a discount. When it comes to the G55033 Motorcycle Care Kit, Meguiar provides excellent value for your money.

The G55033 Motorcycle Care Kit comes with 6 different cleaning products and a motorcycle towel. Much like the S100, it includes the standard cleaner spray, a detailer, metal polisher, and motorcycle wax. It does however also include both leather conditioner and a plastic cleaner spray.  The bottles are a bit small (all range from 6 to 16 ounce), but should last a year at the very least. When it comes to starter kits this is a very solid budget alternative to the S100 cleaner kit, especially if you are looking for a leather conditioner as well.

Meguiar’s G55033 key specs

  • Includes six different cleaning products and a motorcycle cleaning towel
  • Includes leather conditioner and a plastic cleaner spray
  • Best budget cleaning starter kit


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S100 12001B Total Cycle Cleaner Bottle Review

s100 12001b motorcycle cleaner sprayThe S100 Total Cycle Cleaner Bottle is the same cleaner as is included in the S100 cleaning kit. When bought on its own, you get a massive 33.8-ounce bottle with a free sponge. If you have bought the starter kit before and start to run out of cleaner, or if you are only looking for a cleaning spray without all the other bottles, this is the product for you.

The cleaner solution is non-acid and can be applied to all your motorcycle’s surfaces. Paint, metal, rubber, chrome, and plastic can all be cleaned with it. Furthermore, it also includes corrosion inhibitors and is fully biodegradable, making it a very solid product if you want to use one cleaner for everything. If you don’t want to wax your bike and condition the leather, but simply want to clean it thoroughly, then the S100 12001B Total Cycle Cleaner is a good option for you.

S100 12001B key specs

  • 8-ounce bottle of Total Cycle Cleaner
  • Non-acid, biodegradable
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Can be applied to all motorcycle surfaces


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Purple Slice Motorcycle Spray On Detailer Review

purple slice motorcycle cleaner sprayIf you want your motorcycle to shine, the Purple Slice Motorcycle Spray is your best option. It comes in a 32-ounce bottle, and to use it you just give a spray and then a swipe with a towel. Purple Slice is one of those products where I don’t know how it works, only that it works. There is supposedly some mix of wax, cleaning product and polish spray inside the bottle, and it works very well. The performance comes at a price, though. At the time of writing Purple Slice is about twice as expensive as the S100 12001B.  When it comes to the quality the difference is noticeable, however. Although the S100 certainly makes a bike clean, the Purple Slice makes it truly shine.

If you don’t want your bike to literally shine, don’t buy this, buy the S100 instead. When I say shine I mean that the sun’s reflection on the bike can even hurt your eyes. Overall, definitely a great product if you want your motorcycle to look like you spend your entire day cleaning it. Lastly, Purple Slice works best on painted surfaces, chrome, and metal.

Purple Slice key specs

  • 32-ounce bottle
  • Best on painted surfaces, chrome, and metal
  • Includes wax and polish
  • Sheds dust for some time after applying


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CarGuys Wheel Cleaner Review

carguys motorcycle cleaner wheel sprayLast on the list is the CarGuys Wheel Cleaner. As the name already says, this cleaning spray is made solely for cleaning your wheels. And that is what it is good at. Besides being a very popular choice, it is the best motorcycle wheel cleaner currently available.

The CarGuys Wheel Cleaner contains no acids, isn’t toxic, and is safe for use on almost any surface. The bottle is a bit small (18 ounces). However, there is also a 128-ounce bottle available at quite a discount.

The company CarGuys boasts about excellent customer service, and so far they have been keeping their promises. If you are looking for a product with a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”, the CarGuys Wheel Cleaner is your best option.

Lastly, despite being clearly labeled as a wheel cleaner, you can use it on most of your bike. The CarGuys Wheel Cleaner works on plastics, metals, and painted surfaces just as well.

CarGuys Wheel Cleaner key specs

  • 18 and 128-ounce bottles
  • Made for wheels, can be used almost everywhere
  • Removes small rust spots
  • Solid customer service
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee they actually follow up on


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Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Review

zwipes motorcycle cleaning towelsZwipes come in a handy 24 pack of cleaning cloths, mixed over three different colors. Eight green, eight yellow, and eight blue Zwipes. They are made of microfiber cloths which means that the Zwipes don’t leave any scratches at all. You can use them to clean all kinds of surfaces, including TV-screens. But most importantly, they work best on cars and motorcycles.

With the Zwipes you get a 24 pack which means you won’t run out of them anywhere soon, they are pretty cheap, and they are the softest I have seen.


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Last words

Lastly, if you don’t want to buy an entire cleaner-set, but still want to wax your motorcycle, check out our best car wax guide. There isn’t much difference between car was and motorcycle wax, and there are a whole lot more waxes out there marketed as “car” wax. As such, when looking for a decent wax, it might be worth checking out car waxes aside from just motorcycle waxes.

How often you should clean your motorcycle depends a lot on your local climate as well as how often you ride. Especially dust and small sand particles can harm your motorcycle paint and insides. So if you live in an area where dust is often a problem, you may want to clean your motorcycle more often.

One area that requires special cleaning is your motorcycle chain. Motorcycle chains get dirty over time as well, and unlike the dirt on your paint, a dirty motorcycle chain will impact performance as well. Regularly cleaning and lubing your motorcycle chain is therefore not a bad idea. You can find some of the best motorcycle chain lubes over here.

For an actual guide on cleaning your motorcycle, either check out the Honda cleaning guide or watch the video below.

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