Best Motorcycle Backpack – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best motorcycle backpack? What is best for you depends on your preferences, and I’ve found the best backpack in several categories. So whether you want the best waterproof motorcycle backpack or a solid riding backpack with a good amount of volume, you’ve come to the right place.

The categories I looked into are best comfort/drag, best volume, best waterproof, best safety, and best small bag. I hope one of these high quality backpacks is just right for you.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Backpacks

Motorcycle backpackBackpack volumeBackpack category 
Ogio Mach 522LBest drag/comfort backpack
Seibertron Motorcycle Rucksack37LBest volume backpack
Aqua Quest Sport 3030LBest waterproof backpack
TMS-BackPack-Alum-Best safety backpack
Alpinestars Roving Backpack18LBest small backpack

If you can’t find the best motorcycle backpack for you in this list, you may want to check out out best tank bags review. Tank bags can be safer as well as easier to work with than motorcycle backpacks. The main downside of course is that once you are off your motorcycle, a backpack tends to be easier to handle than a tank bag.

Comfort and drag backpack

Lower drag means lower air resistance. Lower air resistance means less of a pull from your bag on your back. Less of a pull is better for your back, and way more comfortable. Ever had a problem with a bag shuffling around a bit when you were going really fast? A low drag backpack would have fixed that problem for you.

When it comes to comfort, as long as you go slower than 30mph, the bag size, weight, and so on matters the most. Once you go faster, the amount of air resistance the motorcycle backpack has is the single most important factor in comfort.

Volume backpack

If you want to take a lot of things with you on a camping trip, you’re going to need a large bag. Do you want to take a laptop, some extra shoes, a spare helmet, and maybe a tent with you? A large volume backpack allows you to take them all with you.

Waterproof backpack

Almost all backpacks you can buy are called water resistant. And that means they can take moderate rain. If you go through heavy rain, most likely the contents of your bag are going to be soaked.

It is pretty difficult to truly waterproof a motorcycle backpack because of the zippers, although a few backpacks have managed to do it. So if you occasionally ride through heavy storms, check this category out.

Safety backpack

Are you going to be doing some crazy stunting and you want a reinforced backpack? Even those exist. Do be aware that currently none of the backpacks have received an official safety rating, and there is some discussion about whether they help at all.

Small backpack

If you want to just take a few small things with you regularly, why buy a big backpack? Buy a small one instead. This category is specifically for those people who want to take just a laptop, a notebook, and a few small supplies to their job.

Best drag/comfort backpack – Ogio Mach 5 review

Little note beforehand: I love this backpack.

Ogio Mach 5 Motorcycle BackpackIf you want to buy a backpack with the least amount of drag as possible, you will end up with an Ogio motorcycle backpack. Ogio is not only a premium brand in the backpack market, but also the only serious competitor when it comes to low drag backpacks. The Ogio Mach 5 is a prime example of that.

The Mach 5 is the successor of the Ogio Mach 3, the backpack that used to be the best low air resistance motorcycle backpack you can find. Furthermore, the Ogio Mach 5 received a major overhaul and plenty of improvements, leading to an even better performance.

Due to the extremely streamlined design, with a molded exterior the Ogio Mach 5 has almost no air resistance at all. No matter how fast you go, the backpack will stay in place. The Ogio Mach 5 won’t swing annoyingly in strong winds or fast speeds. It won’t feel like a drag, and it won’t hold you back.

If you like going fast, if you ride in a very windy area, or if you just want the most comfortable backpack possible, the Ogio Mach 5 is perfect for you.

Ogio Mach 5 key specs

  • Water resistant; can withstand moderate rain
  • 22L volume, expandable to 24L
  • iPad, tablet, or e-reader sleeve
  • Integrated helmet strap
  • Soft neck shoulder straps
  • Bolstered back foam for increased air ventilation
  • Concealed aerodynamic carrying handle
  • Adjustable load divider
  • Interior padded laptop sleeve for laptops up to 15 inch


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Best volume motorcycle backpack – Seibertron Motorcycle Rucksack backpack review

Seibertron Motorcycle Rucksack BackpackThe Seibertron Motorcycle Rucksack holds a massive 37 liters. With that, it is perfect for the adventurous biker. With almost twice as much room as the Ogio Mach 5, you can easily pack up for a camping trip with it. It has two big zipper compartments and an additional giant Velcro pouch. Whether you want to put in working boots, a big laptop, an 18-pack of beer, or even all three together, it is going to fit.

Besides being one of the very largest motorcycle riding backpacks, it is also one of the most popular backpacks. This is partly because of its extreme durability. The Seibertron Motorcycle Backpack reminds of military quality. Not only in design, but also with its sturdy materials.

Lastly, the Seibertron Motorcycle Rucksack is somewhat surprisingly the cheapest backpack in this list.

Seibertron Motorcycle Backback key specs

  • Water resistant; can withstand moderate rain
  • 37L volume
  • Two big compartments and a giant Velcro pouch
  • Integrated helmet strap
  • Both a waist and chest belt (Max 45 and 60 inch)
  • Comes in three colors (black, red, and yellow)


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Best waterproof motorcycle backpack – Aqua Quest Sport 30 review

Aqua Quest Sport 30 Motorcycle BackpackA lot of backpacks are water resistant, and they will do okay in a moderate rain. However, due to the zippers, most backpacks aren’t fully waterproof. If you want a truly waterproof backpack there aren’t that many options. Truth is, during my search I didn’t find any truly top quality waterproof motorcycle backpacks. So I looked at the bags that hikers, mountain climbers, and polar explorers use. When looking through their bags, I did find a winner.

The Aqua Quest Sport 30 is 100% waterproof, and there is no doubt about it. And although the Aqua Quest isn’t specifically a backpack for motorcycles, it has fully adjustable straps. Besides that, it feels very comfortable, is extremely light (1.4lbs), and creates little drag. The volume is relatively big, which makes it not only the best waterproof motorcycle backpack; but also an overall excellent choice.

So, if you sometimes drive through heavy rain or storms, this is the best waterproof bike backpack for you.

Aqua Quest Sport 30 key specs

  • Fully waterproof motorcycle backpack which can withstand extreme weather
  • 30L volume
  • One big compartment, no dividers or padding inside
  • Rubber-ish inside lining for extra durability and waterproofing
  • Fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps


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Best safety backpack – TMS-BackPack-Alum review

TMS-BackPack-Alum Motorcycle BackpackThis category is about buying the safest motorcycle backpack possible. In most cases, a high-end helmet (check my best motorcycle helmet review) combined with a good suit should be enough. However, if you drive off-road and stunt a lot, you may want to consider buying a reinforced backpack.

The best motorcycle backpack I could find in the safety category is the TMS-BackPack-Alum. The TMS-BackPack-Alum has aluminum plating in order to protect your spine. The aluminum plating can take a decent hit, but I have not found anyone with actual crashing experience.

The TMS-BackPack-Alum is pretty lightweight (2.5lbs), about as comfortable as you would expect when wearing an aluminum padded motorcycle backpack.

Note: Be aware that this backpack has no official safety ratings. Riding without a backpack at all may be safer than riding with even a reinforced backpack.

TMS-BackPack-Alum key specs

  • Water resistant motorcycle backpack which can withstand moderate rain
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps
  • Two main compartments


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Best small motorcycle backpack – Alpinestars Roving Backpack review

Alpinestars Roving BackpackThe Alpinestars Roving Backpack is designed to be small. With just 18 liter capacity you can fit in the bare essentials and that’s it. Why carry around a large heavy bag if you just need a small one?

While small, the Alpinestars Roving Backpack is one of the best motorcycle backpacks you can buy. The outside is made of multiple fabrics, further reinforced with PU coating for increased durability and water resistance. The Alpine stars Roving Backpack includes small air channels and shows a great focus on design.

Overall the Alpinestars Roving Backpack feels like a premium backpack. If you want to keep a few things with you, but not so much that you need a large backpack, the Alpinestars Roving Backpack is definitely worth considering.


Alpinestars Roving Backpack key specs

  • Water resistant motorcycle backpack which can withstand pretty strong rain
  • 18L volume
  • Small internal pocket
  • Internal laptop sleeve
  • Fully adjustable ergonomic padded shoulder straps
  • Aerodynamic design to lower drag


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