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One of the ways you can keep your motorcycle safe is by installing an alarm. Alarms deter most would-be thieves away, and even if anything happens you will know it immediately. Quite some alarms can be found online, but not all of them are as good. That’s why I made this best motorcycle alarm systems list.

Before we continue, don’t forget that an alarm will only help you after the fact. Before a motorcycle is stolen, first the thief has to consider the motorcycle to be worth stealing, and then he or she has to actually steal it. The best motorcycle covers not only protect against the elements, but also against greedy eyes. Aside from that, some of the better motorcycle covers have special lock rings, allowing you to lock the cover itself as well.

Aside from the alarm and motorcycle cover, a solid lock is at least as valuable as both. If you don’t have a high-quality lock yet, check out my best motorcycle locks review. Aside from standard motorcycle locks, there are also motorcycle helmet locks available nowadays.

What to look out for

When buying a motorcycle alarm system there are a few things to look out for.

1-way vs 2-way remotes

If you are planning on leaving your bike a bit further away from yourself regularly (for example in a mall parking place) you may want to buy a bike alarm set with a two way remote. Two-way remotes will notify you as soon as anything happens with your motorcycle as long as you are inside the range of the remotes. That way you can check up on your motorbike immediately.

Sensor types

The most common sensor in motorcycle alarms is the shock sensor. If your bike moves suddenly it will go off and blare the alarm. However, there are a few more sensors that may be useful. The most common other sensors are the tilt sensor, the current sensor, and the location sensor. The tilt sensor goes off when the motorcycle is tilted slightly, the current sensor goes off when the engine is started, and the location sensor uses GPS and goes off when the bike is moved a few feet.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Alarms

Motorcycle alarmSensor TypeDecibel 
Gorilla 9100 Motorcycle AlarmTilt + Current + shock sensors120 decibel
BlueFire Motorcycle AlarmShock sensor125 decibel
AFUNTA GPS TrackerLocation sensorGPS tracker
Steelmate 986XOShock sensor120 decibel
Yescom Motorcycle AlarmShock sensor125 decibel


Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm Review

gorilla 9100 motorcycle alarmThe best motorcycle alarm system is without a doubt the Gorilla 9100 Motorcycle Alarm. The 9100 is the latest version of the Gorilla 9-Series, a state-of-the-art alarm system. It uses 3 sensors and a powerful 120-decibel siren to protect your bike. Besides that, it also includes a two-way pager that can receive signals from up to half a mile away. That way you can freely check on your bike as long as you stay within half a mile.

The sensors are very good. Sometimes a bit too good even if you park your motorbike somewhere with strong winds or any movement at all. This can be fixed by either installing the tilt sensors very precisely or by decreasing the sensitivity of the sensors.

Besides the tilt sensor, there is also a shock sensor that works just perfectly. It doesn’t give any false positives, yet if someone jumps on your bike or tries to move it more than an inch it will start blaring the alarm.

Lastly, there is a current sensor, which measures electrical currents. If the bike is started, the alarm goes off. Chances are that one will never be needed because both the tilt and shock sensors do their job very well.

Installation is fairly easy and should take no more than 30 minutes. Overall is the Gorilla 9100 alarm system easy to use, and more importantly, safe. It’s the best and most comprehensive alarm system I’ve come across, and I highly recommend it for anyone with an expensive motorcycle.

Gorilla 9100 Motorcycle Alarm key specs

  • Best motorcycle alarm system
  • 3 sensors (tilt, shock, current)
  • 120-decibel alarm
  • Two-way paging system with LCD screen (works up to half a mile)
  • Easy installation
  • 2-year warranty


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BlueFire Motorcycle Security Kit Alarm System Review

bluefire motorcycle alarmThe BlueFire Motorcycle Alarm is one of the cheapest alarm systems out there. While the quality is , of course, lower than the Gorilla 9100, the BlueFire is a very solid option for those that don’t want to spend hundreds on an alarm. If you have an older less expensive bike you want to protect, but not at all costs, you will need a budget motorcycle alarm. And that is exactly what the BlueFire is.

The BlueFire Alarm System works with a shock sensor. If anyone moves your motorbike or attempts to start the engine, the alarm will go off. The alarm itself produces a nice 125-decibel siren, which is definitely not something you want to stand next to.

When it comes to the installation the instructions aren’t too clear. It is a bit of a hassle to get everything set up, especially all the wires and the remotes. The remote controllers seem to work up to 100 feet at best, which should be enough for most circumstances.

Overall it is a good budget alarm system. It definitely isn’t the best, but if you want to deter some would-be thieves it is a solid option.

BlueFire Motorcycle Alarm key specs

  • Best budget motorcycle alarm system
  • 1 sensors (shock only)
  • 125-decibel alarm
  • Two remotes for arming and disarming the alarm (up to 100 feet)
  • Installation instructions aren’t too clear


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AFUNTA GPS Tracker 103B With Remote Control

afunta gps trackerThe Afunta GPS Tracker is a bit different from the other motorcycle alarms in this list. Firstly, it is primarily aimed at cars. Secondly, its alarm functionality is based on GPS movement, which means it only triggers after your motorcycle has been moved a few feet.

I still thought it would be a good idea to include the Afunta GPS tracker because it allows you to find your bike after it has been stolen. You can quite literally just go to wherever your bike went, grab it, and ride back home again with it.

Aside from the Afunta GPS Tracker not preventing theft on its own, it has another downside, which is that you need to use a SIM card that has some minutes on it. Depending on where you live that can cost you an additional small monthly fee.

Despite the downsides, I believe that the Afunta GPS Tracker can be a very helpful product if your motorcycle ever gets stolen. As long as the tracker keeps working, you will always be capable of finding your bike again.

AFUNTA GPS Tracker key specs

  • Best motorcycle GPS tracker
  • 1 sensors (location only)
  • Needs a separate SIM card
  • SD card for data logging is possible


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Steelmate 986XO 2 Way Motorcycle Alarm System

steelmate 986xo motorcycle alarmThe Steelmate 986XO is a midrange motorcycle alarm system that consists of an adjustable shock sensor, a two-way water resistant LCD transmitter, and a 120-decibel alarm. Unlike the other alarm sets, it has an out of range warning signal which is a neat feature for some bikers.

The transmitter has a range of at least 100 feet and works great when it comes to locking and unlocking your bike.

The overall quality is definitely better than the BlueFire’s quality. Installation is remarkably easy, and clear instructions are provided. The sensitivity of the shock sensor can be adjusted easily as well, making it a pretty hassle-free product.

Steelmate 986XO key specs

  • Mid-range motorcycle alarm system
  • 1 sensor (shock only)
  • Can be used to lock your bike as well
  • 120-decibel alarm
  • LCD remote for arming and disarming the alarm (up to 100 feet)
  • Clear installation instructions


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Yescom 2 Way Motorcycle Alarm Review

yescom motorcycle alarmThe Yescom Motorcycle Alarm System is a decent mid-range system for a mid-range price. It includes two remote controls with LCD screens that function up to half a mile away. The alarm itself is 125 decibels, which is very annoying, to say the least. The alarm set has a silence mode, real-time monitoring, and you can even look for your motorcycle by sound and light.

The biggest downside of the Yescom is that the sensitivity is easily adjustable. It is possible, but it is a hassle to figure it out. If you need to adjust it, look up a tutorial online. The device includes a “learning code brain sensor”, which sounds as if it should get more accurate over time. Sadly, I didn’t get around to testing that.

Yescom Motorcycle Alarm key specs

  • Mid-range motorcycle alarm system
  • 1 sensor (shock only)
  • 125-decibel alarm
  • 2x LCD remote for arming and disarming the alarm (up to half a mile)
  • Clear installation instructions


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