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Looking for an amazing present for the kids?. Maybe you thought about getting them a dirt bike, but were afraid they weren’t old enough to handle it yet? Or maybe you don’t want to buy a used one, but that new Honda at the dealership is priced $500 over MSRP and the guy won’t budge. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Amazon, among others, now sells mini bikes. This is not your father’s stealership either, most of these bikes come in at less than $500. So while they won’t have the brand recognition of the larger manufacturers you will get a great deal on some of the best mini bikes. You may be asking yourself, though, where do I even start? I have compiled a list of the 5 best mini bikes. I have tried to include something for everyone below.

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Top 5 Best Mini Bikes Review

MinibikeMini bike top speedGas or electric mini motorcycle 
Coolster 125cc45 MphGas minibike
Coolster 70cc35 MphGas minibike
Flying Horse 50cc25 MphGas minibike
Razor MX35014 MphElectric minibike
Monster Moto MM-B8025 MphGas minibike

Coolster 125cc Review

Coolster 125cc mini motorcycle 350OK, so, this one is good for a number of reasons. First, it’s a fast little bike. It is rated for 40-45 miles per hour. This may not seem like much, but when you are on dirt trails that is plenty fast, especially for a new rider. This bike also does not have a governor built in to limit the speed. This means you don’t have to modify it to get its true top speed and can actually increase the top speed with performance parts such as higher flowing air filter and a better carburetor.

The next is its size. The seat height is right around two and a half feet. This makes it a good starter bike for kids that are a little older, 10 or 11 as opposed to 8 or 9, but it is also tall enough for older riders that wouldn’t be able to comfortably ride a 50cc bike. Parts are also VERY easily accessible on this bike as you can see from the pictures. Let’s say you let it set all winter and the carburetor is gummed up, well it’s right there. No pulling body panels and trying to wedge it out. There is simply plenty of room to work on this bike.

Bottom Line: This is going to be a good starter bike for older kids in the 11-14 range due to the higher seat and manual transmission.


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Coolster 70cc Review

Coolster 70cc mini motorcycle 350The younger brother to the Coolster 125, the Coolster 70cc is a semi-automatic, 70 cc dirt bike with a top speed of 35 miles per hour. With a seat height of just a foot and a half, this is the perfect bike for young riders who may not be able to touch the ground on the 125 yet.

The transmission on this bike is a 3 speed semi-automatic. This is a good middle ground for young riders since it lets them learn how to work the gears without having to mess with the clutch yet.

The downside, when compared to the 125 here, is that due to its smaller size, parts are closer together making it potentially more difficult to do repairs, but overall it is still a very simple bike and should be easy enough for any mechanic to work on.

Bottom Line: It’s not as big and powerful as the 125, but is a great starter for young riders. This is the perfect bike if you have an 8-10 year old wanting a dirt bike.


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Flying Horse 50cc Review

Flying Horse 50cc mini motorcycle 350OK, here is one for the small kids. This bike stands about 2 feet at the bars, so it is ideal for small kids that want to start riding but are still too small for the Coolster 70cc. The top speed on this one is limited to 25 miles per hour due to its size, but it will still have plenty of power thanks to the 50cc 2 stroke. The bike also has an automatic/CVT transmission rather than a manual or semi-automatic gearbox.

One thing that sets this bike apart, for better or worse, is that it does not have a kick start. Instead, it uses a pull start similar to a lawn mower. This is a good option since it is targeted at small children who may not be able to kick start a bike yet. The overall design of the bike is very minimalistic, so, like the Coolster 125, it will be easy to work on. The CVT also makes transmission repairs and modifications easy. Perhaps the most important factor is its weight. This bike only weighs 48 pounds which means anyone can pick it up if they have to.

Bottom Line: This is not a bike to grown into, but rather a learner’s bike for small children who will be upgrading to something bigger sooner than later. Because of the weight and size, it is safer for small children than most minibikes.


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Razor MX350 Review

Razor MX350 mini motorcycle 350Here is our first electric mini bike on the list. It is not as fast as the gas mini bikes, but it if you live in a suburban area this will be your best bet. In some areas, especially close to big cities, neighbors don’t like kids riding gas powered dirt bikes in the streets. With this electric bike, you will not have that problem. Since it is electric it is virtually silent, so no noise complaints. This also means you can ride whenever it is safe to do so. It’s 6 in the morning and you want to ride, but don’t want to wake the neighbors? This is the best option by far.

This bike has a max speed of 14 miles per hour which is a bit lower than the gas bikes mentioned in this article but still plenty fast enough for riding around the neighborhood. Another advantage of the electric motor is that it is zero maintenance. You don’t have to change the oil, clean the carburetor, or worry about having gas on hand. If it runs out of battery just plug it up. For anyone who lives in an area where gas powered bikes may draw unwanted attention, this is hands down the best bike to get.

Bottom Line: This is an excellent option for those who live in suburban or urban areas where a gas engine will either get noise complaints or police called.


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Monster Moto MM-B80

Monster Moto MM-B80 mini motorcycle 350OK, right off the bat this one is noticeably different than the others on our list. The reason being, the others are meant for roads and trails mainly. This bike is meant to go anywhere. That’s not to say it isn’t fast, with a top speed of 25 miles per hour, thanks to the 80cc 4 stroke, the Monster Moto has plenty of grunt. Just don’t try to take that top speed turn on it.

The tires on the Monster Moto are noticeably wider than the tires on the other bikes we have looked at. The reason for this is simple, traction. Traction is how well you are going to connect to the ground and with these tires, you will have all the traction you could need. You will also notice the lack of suspension components on this bike. This is because it doesn’t need them. Like I said, this isn’t a race bike, it is a go anywhere bike. You won’t be jumping any hills on it, but when your friends get stuck you will be the ones they call to pull them out.

Bottom Line: This is by far the best bike for rough terrain on this list. It will go wherever you point it and not flinch.


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Ultimately it is what you are looking for in a bike that will determine what the best mini motorcycle is for you. I have tried to list several options while also taking into consideration the wide range in sizes needed to accommodate growing riders. In the end, though, do you want something that is going to be fast and easy to maneuver, but may not be able to handle more extreme terrain? Then the Coolster or Flying Horse will be the best option for you. If on the other hand, you want something that will go fast in a straight line and go anywhere that line points you should definitely go with the Monster Moto. I have not made it a secret that this is my favorite bike on this list and one I would buy for my child. Lastly, if you need something quiet to keep the neighbors happy go with the Razor. While it may not be the fastest option it is virtually silent and does not weigh much, so it can be picked up easily if it falls.

Having second thoughts about mini bikes? Another option for inner-city travel is an electric skateboard. They’re becoming more and more popular these days, resulting in plenty of new suppliers offering electric skateboard. We’ve even written a best electric skateboards guide.

2 thoughts on “Best Mini Bikes – Reviews & Buying Guide

  1. Weight limits on these bikes is a limiting factor. For a 250# 6’0″ guy are there any choices, especially like the bottom one?

    • Hello Johann!

      I’m sorry but I have some bad news for you. The Monster Moto is officially rated up to 150 lbs (although it pulls 150 lbs very easily, I wouldn’t recommend trying anything over 200 lbs on it for more than a few seconds).

      The Coolster 70CC has somewhat surprisingly the highest max load of the bikes listed, at 198lbs. Still a bit short.

      The good news is that there are a few bikes that didn’t make the list, but would both support people taller than 6 feet, and over 250 lbs with hassle. Officially rated for only 200 lbs, but capable of carrying 300+ in normal terrain is the Coleman Powersports 196cc/6.5HP CT200U. Just dont go over rough terrain performing jumps and whatnot with it. It’s safe to do that for a kid, but even simple jumps can increase the forces on a bike threefold.

      Lastly there are a few electric options that are rated for up to 250lbs, such as the Burromax TT250 and the Burromax TT350R.

      If you have any other questions, please let us know!



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