Best Full Face Helmet – Reviews & Buying Guide

Full face helmets are the strongest and safest helmets available. If you care about your safety, I highly recommend going for the best full face helmet you can find. They are made for real motor enthusiasts that don’t shy away from very high speeds and irregular terrain. Although safety sounds boring, it actually is pretty important. Because when you bike a lot, one day you are going to meet a drunk driver. Or some other idiot. Or you might even be unlucky enough to get a small stroke while on the road. Just enough for you to lose your grip for a few seconds.

How that story ends mainly depends on what you are wearing at that moment. The difference between your funeral, a lifelong disability, and walking away with nothing more than a good scare. Which one it is going to be depends on what you are wearing. Most of all the helmet. Your head is the most vulnerable and vital part of you, so protect it and buy the best full face helmet for you.

Aside from a full face helmet, the most important safety equipment includes the best motorcycle pants, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves and a motorcycle jacket. Don’t skip any!

Most important review factors

The look and feel of a helmet may be important to some, but to me, safety comes first. For this very reason, I won’t even bother considering any helmet that does not offer top notch safety. Other factors I consider when ranking the helmets are their durability, comfort, and previous customer satisfaction.

I’m only considering the best full face helmets of the most well-known brands. This is because well-known brands have had many years, if not decades, to keep innovating and improving their designs. Although unknown brands may produce a solid helmet every so often, I wouldn’t take the gamble myself.

Top 5 Best Full Face Helmets

Full face helmetHelmet brandHelmet weight 
Shoei RF-1200 HelmetShoei3.5lbs
Shoei Qwest HelmetShoei3.65lbs
AGV AX-8 Evo Naked Road HelmetAGV3.37lbs
Arai RX-Q HelmetArai3.59lbs
Nexx XR2 Carbon Pure Full Face HelmetNexx2.97lbs

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Individual Full Face Helmet Reviews

Below I have summarized my findings each of the best full face helmets separately, put together in a small full face helmet review for each of the helmets that made the cut. Good luck picking the best helmet for you!

Shoei RF-1200 review

Shoei RF-1200 Motorcycle Full Face Helmet
The best full face helmet is the popular Shoei RF-1200. The RF-1200 has been a best seller since its release, and the most popular helmet overall. The Shoei RF-1200 not only convinced many, many bikers before, it has now also convinced me of its top level quality. The safety combined with the comfort and low weight makes this helmet the best of the test, not even mentioning the quietness. Super comfortable. Super safe. If you still don’t believe me, read the Amazon reviews.

Shoei RF-1200 key specs

  • Extremely safe with both a DOT certification and a Snell M2015 certification.
  • Lightweight at just 3.5 lbs. By using strong yet lightweight materials the weight has been kept to a minimum. The design of the helmet keeps the weight down allowing for more comfortable biking.
  • Dual liner with different densities creating both extra safety and extra comfort.
  • One of the quietest helmets thanks to the aerodynamic shape and interior linings. The shield system helps to reduce the noise even further.
  • Top notch ventilation with a large three position vent at the bottom, and three upper air intake vents. Four exhaust vents at the top allowing air to travel unrestricted through multiple tunnels for cooling.


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Shoei Qwest Helmet review

Shoei Qwest Motorcycle Full Face HelmetThe runner up best full face helmet is also a Shoei. The Shoei Qwest Helmet is a slightly older helmet from Shoei, originally released in 2010. Despite that, it is still one of the most solid helmets around and is a bit cheaper than the RF-1200. Overall the quality of the Shoei Qwest is almost as amazing as the RF-1200. It is just slightly heavier, and slightly more noisy.

Shoei Qwest key specs

  • Extremely safe with both a DOT certification and a Snell M2010 certification.
  • Lightweight at just 3.65 lbs. By using innovative construction techniques the weight has been kept as low as possible without sacrificing safety at all. The light weight allows for easier turning of your head and more comfortable trips.
  • Six-ply matrix construction for the shell allowing better strength and durability.
  • Relatively quiet at speeds up to 70mph.
  • Includes both a large top vent and an adjustable lower vent. The lower vent has an extra large shutter for easy use with riding gloves. The ventilation cools the helmet down very well.
  • Comes in black, white, and yellow.


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AGV AX-8 EVO Naked Helmet review

AGV AX-8 EVO Motorcycle Full Face HelmetThe AGV AX 8 EVO Naked helmet is the third best full face helmet I found. Its view beats out most of the competition and earns some bonus points for style. The AGV AX 8 EVO Naked is originally from November 2013, which isn’t the latest of the latest. On the plus side, a lot of people have tried the helmet out and shared their experiences. It has possibly the best airflow of all helmets out there, although that comes at a cost. The AGV EVO is very, very noisy. If you like noise, definitely the best helmet out there for you. If you don’t, wear earplugs or buy another model from this list.

AGV AX-8 EVO key specs

  • DOT certified made with Kevlar, Carbon, and fiberglass.
  • Lightweight at just 3.37 lbs. The AGV EVO beats out even the RF-1200 on weight. This has been achieved by using SSL (Super, Super Lightweight) carbon.
  • Great view with huge fiberglass face shield. The extra wide vision allows you to see more without having to turn your head all the time.
  • Amazing airflow. This does, however, come with a lot of noise.

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Arai RX-Q helmet review

Arai RX-Q Motorcycle Full Face HelmetThe Arai RX-Q is a proven model since 2010. This full face helmet is the best helmet from Aria, a high-quality racing helmet producer for over forty years. It is one of the most durable and safest helmets you can find, with both a DOT and Snell M2010 certification. Aside from safety, the Arai RX-Q mainly focuses on comfort and silence. The retractable chin spoiler is a perfect example of this.

Arai RX-Q key specs

  • Extremely safe with both a DOT certification and a Snell M2010 certification.
  • Lightweight at just 3.59 lbs. Resulting in a very comfortable wear.
  • Aerodynamic in all angles. When you turn your face the amount of drag will stay roughly the same. With most other models the drag increases when turning your head, causing extra neck strain.
  • Extra much room inside the helmet. This works great when you are wearing glasses. Other than that it doesn’t have too much use.
  • The vents are built inside the brows resulting in a stronger helmet overall. The ventilation is amazing, although much like the AGV EVO, the result is quite a bit of noise as well.
  • Comes in a large variety of designs and natural black.


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Nexx XR2 Carbon Full Face review

Nexx XR2 Motorcycle Full Face HelmetThe Nexx XR2 is the successor of the Nexx XR1R, one of the better full face helmets available. The XR2 is a recent model that has build on and improved the XR1R’s success. With that, it is a very promising helmet, beating the competition on both weight and field of vision. However, the lack of a Snell certification is what cost this helmet a higher spot.

Nexx XR2 key specs

  • DOT and ECE 22-05 certified and made from carbon fiber.
  • Extremely lightweight at just 2.97 lbs. The lightest weight superb helmet I have come across.
  • A huge field of vision. Combined with the low weight the XR1R is one of the most comfortable full face helmets for longer trips.
  • An anti-allergic interior that can be useful for those suffering from hay fever and the like.
  • Aerodynamic profile and rear spoiler reduce the drag.


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Buying Guide

When shopping for a full face helmet, make sure you keep in mind your head size as well as your head shape. If your head is thicker or longer than average, you may want to test out a few helmets in a shop instead of ordering online. You want the cheek pads to lightly touch your cheeks and there should be some room between the face shield and your nose. If you firmly press on the face shield, it should not touch your nose, as that is what wind resistance will do on its own.

Aside from the cheek pads and the nose-face-shield distance, there should absolutely be no gap between the brow pads and your temples. If you have extra movement room there, the helmet will not protect you as well as it should. For a more information see this video by

Last words

Lastly, if you want to keep your new helmet safe on your adventures, you may want to check out our best motorcycle helmet lock guide. Especially the best motorcycle helmets are a prime target for thieves. A decent helmet lock will keep yours safe when you can’t store it elsewhere.

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