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If you want your car to look just perfect, or if you want to protect the paint job for as long as possible, you’re going to need some car polish. There are plenty of different car polish products available these days, and online you can find another couple of hundred different manufacturers. In most cases any car polish will do, so feel free to grab one from the garage on the corner. However, if you’re looking for something extra, for the perfect match with your car, then read on.

Different car polishes have different strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the exact mix of chemicals used, a car polish can be better for darker or lighter colors, for adding additional shine, and possibly even for different types of materials. We’ve listed 10 different categories of car polish, and the best car polish we could find in each category. Happy shopping!

Before we continue to the best car polishes, keep in mind that a car polish only helps restore the car paint to top condition, it won’t protect the car paint. If you want to protect the car paint after making it look like brand new again, check out our best car wax review.

Best Car Polish for Dark Cars – Autoglym Deep Shine Polish

Autoglym’s car detailing polish is exceptionally good for dark-colored cars. It’s might cost quite a lot, but it’s way more effective. The package contains 1 liter of polish which is supposed to last you for a couple of months. Basically, Autoglym’s car polish should be used for repairing and finishing jobs.

Autoglym’s Car Polish Specs

  • A large package – 1 liter;
  • Polish for dark-colored cars;
  • Ideal for repairs and finishes;
  • High-end car polish;


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Best Budget Car Polish for Dark Cars – Poorboy’s Show Glaze

Poorboy’s World car polish should be your alternative car polish if you own a dark-colored car. This is the budget variant of dark polishes, but it’s quite effective nevertheless. It features a formula that hides slight imperfections, enhancing the gloss along the way. It’s capable of lifting the dirt in the swirls of your car, and it’s quite valuable for the cash.

Poorboy’s Black Hole Specs

  • A budget car polish;
  • Lifts dirt in the swirls;
  • Formula for dark-colored cars;
  • Enhanced gloss;


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Best Heavy Duty Car Polish – Menzerna 400 Compound

This heavy-duty compound should be used if your car has endured a lot of neglect and abuse. It eliminates even the most resilient dust marks, and it’s absolutely ideal for critical polishes and finishes. This fast-acting high-performance polish boasts a high value for the price, even though it’s quite expensive.

Menzerna 400 Compound Specs

  • Heavy-Duty compound;
  • High-performance formula;
  • Detail conditioner;
  • Eliminates resilient dust marks;
  • Ideal for critical polishes and finishes;


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Best All-Around Car Polish – Meguiar’s M205 Mirror Glaze Polish

Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze features an advanced formula that is often characterized as versatile. It’s good for most car types and colors, and it provides gloss-rich, and swirl-free fast-acting results. If you’re searching for a polish that will leave reflective gloss on the surface of your car, Meguiar’s M205 is your best bet.

This car polish is able to permanently remove the swirls from your car’s paint. The formula can be used by DA polisher, Rotary Buffer, and by hand. All in all, this versatile, fast-acting formula is pretty great, as it does a major bang for the buck.

Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze specs

  • Moderate, but fair price;
  • Advanced formula for swirl-free results;
  • Permanently removes any swirls from your car’s paint;
  • Smooth and easy clean-up;
  • Can be used by DA polisher, rotary buffer, and by hand;


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Best Interior & Exterior Plastic Car Polish – Novus PC-208 Plastic Polish

Interior and plastic parts need cleaning too, and Novus PC-208 is capable of doing such jobs with great ease. This polish should be ideally used on the headlamps of your car, CD/DVD or Radio, windshields, and such.

Essentially, Novus PC-208 polish is good for reconditioning your car’s plastic parts, as it removes any scratches, and helps against dulling and fading of plastic parts. It’s not expensive, but it isn’t exactly cheap either. Anyhow, it holds a massive value for the cash due to its great performance and easy method of operation.

Novus PC-208 polish specs

  • Great for plastic parts, such as headlamps, CD/DVD doors, windshields, and other plastic car parts;
  • Reconditions and removes scratch marks;
  • Helps against fading, dulling, and plastic scratching;
  • Moderately priced;


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Best Gloss Enhancement Polish – Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish

Most polishes will leave your car in a good shape concerning the gloss, but few can match the efficiency of Blackfire’s Gloss enhancing polish. It features a non-abrasive formula which removes the old wax easily, but it’s also a sort of car cleaner. Ideally, you should use this polish prior to any waxing and sealing jobs.

Blackfire Gloss Enhancing polish specs

  • Quite affordable;
  • Non-abrasive formula;
  • Removes wax residues and leftovers;
  • Should be used prior to any waxing and sealing jobs;
  • Superior gloss enhancer;


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Best Fast-Acting Car Polish – Dodo Juice Lime Prime PLUS

Dodo Juice Lime Prime PLUS polish is, by far, the fastest budget car polish on the market. It removes swirl marks, minor imperfections, light scratches, oxidation, and other nasty pests with ease. You can use it by hand, but it can also be used by polishing machines. This polish should be used prior to waxing jobs in several passes.

Dodo Juice Lime Prime PLUS specs

  • Fast-Acting car polish;
  • Ideal for weathered finishing jobs;
  • Can be used by hand and machine;
  • Moderate price, but high value;


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Best Finishing Car Polish – 3M 39003 Finesse-it II Finishing Material Polish

3M’s Finesse-It is a finishing car polish, and it should only be used on fully cured paints. It’s able to safely clear the paint coats on your car, as it removes abrasion, sand scratches, and smaller imperfections. 3M’s Finesse-It doesn’t contain any wax in its formula, so it can be applied by hand with ease.

3M Finesse-It Finishing polish

  • No wax in the formula;
  • Can be used by hand;
  • Designed for fully cured car paints;
  • Removes abrasion and sand scratches;
  • Deep shine finishing polish;


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Best Car polish for Chrome Color Cars – Surf City Chrome Perfect Polish

Surf City Garage Killer chrome polish is a great polish for owners of chrome-colored cars. Chrome is a delicate color, as it’s supposed to shine and reflect at most times, but, due to fading, most colors lose their former glory.

This polish should be used to re-condition your car’s paint, as the special formula removes rust, ensuring a perfect mirror finish. It works on both aluminum & stainless-steel materials.

Surf City Garage 139 Killer Chrome polish specs

  • Chrome finishing polish;
  • Removes rust;
  • Mirror finish;
  • High gloss;
  • Works on both aluminum & stainless steel materials;
  • Fast-Acting formula;


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Best Car Polish for metal car parts – Adam’s Metal Polish #1

As we’ve already mentioned the best polish for plastic, it’s only fitting that we introduce a polish for metal parts. Adam’s Metal polish works on chrome, stainless-steel, aluminum, and various uncoated metals. It’s a restorative polish that is ideally used on neglected metal car parts.

Adams’s Metal Polish specs

  • Affordable;
  • Great metal car parts polish;
  • Works on aluminum, stainless-steel, chrome, and uncoated metals;
  • Restores shine to metal parts;


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