Best Car Leather Cleaner – Reviews & Buying Guide

Everything gets dirty, and leather is no exception. Leather is however a bit more difficult to properly clean than the rest of your car. Using plain water isn’t recommended, as it can leave weird stains on the leather. Aside from that, dedicated car leather cleaners can also protect your leather for the next few months.

Which car leather cleaner is best for you depends on what you want exactly. If you need to clean some deep stains you’re best off with the Lexol 1115, while if you want a budget overall car leather cleaner then the Meguiar’s G10916 is the best. Each car leather cleaner in this review has its own unique strengths, so depending on what you are looking for, the best car leather cleaner for you could be any of these 5 cleaners.

Car leather cleanerSizeBest for 
Meguiar’s G10916 Rich Leather Cleaner15.2 ozAll-round
Weiman Leather Formula16 ozOld leather
Meguiar’s G13616 Interior Detailer Cleaner16 ozHard to reach details
Leather Honey Leather Conditioner32 oz dilutedVinyl
Lexol 1115 Auto Interior Deep Cleaner16.9 ozDeep stains

If your leather is losing its flexibility, you may want to check out leather conditioner as well. Cleaner only cleans, while conditioner will make the leather more flexible again. You can find our review of the best car leather conditioners here.

Best Overall Car Leather Cleaner – Meguiar’s G10916 Rich Leather Cleaner

Best Overall Car Leather Cleaner – Meguiar’s G10916 Rich Leather CleanerMeguiar offers some of the best formulas and car leather cleaners, and they’re pretty affordable. This is one of the main reasons why the G10916 made it on top of our list. The G10916 car leather cleaner is basically a mixture of cleaner and conditioner packed in a spray bottle which is very easy to use.

Meguiar’s G10916 can easily clean the grime and dirt, but the formula also features UV protection. Some car leathers get to the point when they age more rapidly, and this is sometimes referred to as “fading”. The UV protection prevents this, as it smoothens and moisturizes the surface of your car’s leathers.

Some people like the fading effect, but most don’t. So if you don’t like it, this is the best car leather cleaner for you, and if you do like it, read on!

The aloe ingredient nourishes your leathers, making them look somewhat younger and refreshed. Furthermore, the formula does not whiten or grease your leathers, so you can literally ride as soon as you’re finished cleaning.

Lastly, the the G10916 works perfectly together with the Meguiar’s G13616, which we listed in the third spot.

Meguiar’s G10916 specs

  • Very affordable – this is one of the cheapest car leather cleaners;
  • Special UV protection – this feature prevents aging of your car’s leathers;
  • Great ingredients – Aloe nourishes your car’s leathers, refreshing them;
  • Highly convenient – The formula does not whiten or grease your leathers;


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Best Car Leather Cleaner for Old Leather – Weiman Leather Formula

Best Car Leather Cleaner for Old Leather – Weiman Leather FormulaOld leather lose their shine and apparel, but you can quickly change this if you have a proper leather cleaner. Weiman’s leather formula is, perhaps, the best solution for this problem, as it’s specifically designed to prevent the aging of leather’s surface and repair the damage done.

The formula is Ph neutral, and it’s comprised of natural cleaners which clean and moisturize your leathers. You won’t have to worry about sticky or hazy residue droppings – as soon as you use this cleaner you just have to scrub a bit and you’re done. Your car and leathers will be in tip-top condition in no time, guaranteed.

Wrapping it up, old car leathers which endured abuse and neglect can be saved by this leather conditioner. The bottle is quite big, the formula is Ph neutral and it easily cleans, moisturizes, and rejuvenates your car’s leathers.

Weiman 323 Leather Conditioner specs

  • Perfect for old car leathers – Weiman 323 Car Leather Cleaner and Conditioner works like a charm on old car leathers;
  • No sticky and hazy residue – This formula doesn’t leave any form of residue upon use;
  • UV sunscreen protection a form of protection against sunlight which will decrease the aging speed of your car’s leathers;
  • Pretty versatile – Weiman 323 car leather Cleaner and Conditioner works on sofas, chairs, jackets, purses, seats, couches, and auto interiors;


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Best Car Leather Cleaner for Hard-to-reach details – Meguiar’s G13616 Interior Detailer Cleaner

Best Car Leather Cleaner for Hard-to-reach details – Meguiar’s G13616 Interior Detailer CleanerHere we have another Meguiar’s product – the G13616 Interior Detailer. If your car features an interior that has some hard-to-reach spots, you should definitely consider this cleaner. This model is ideal when combined with Meguiar’s G10916 – one will clean your leathers and preserve their quality while the other will be able to take care of details.

Meguiar’s G13616 Interior Detailer contains UV blocking agents that will protect your leathers from harsh sunlight. If your car is parked outside most of the time, this detailer is a must. The deep cleaning formula quickly neutralizes dust and germs, and it’s safe to use on plastic, rubber, metal, vinyl, and LCD navigation screens.

This detailer also does wonders when combined with any other cleaner. Touch-ups won’t be a problem ever, as you can simply clean up what other conditioners couldn’t. The bottle is also quite large – the 16 ounces will last you for quite a while.

G13616 Interior Detailer specs

  • Easy touch-ups – G13616 Interior Detailer is ideal for fast detail work;
  • A large bottle – This detailer comes in a 16 ounce;
  • No greasy residues – As with most Meguiar’s products, the Interior Cleaner doesn’t leave any greasy residues;
  • Anti-sunlight formula – overexposure to sunlight won’t be a problem anymore;


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Best Car Leather Cleaner for Vinyl & Leather – Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

Best Car Leather Cleaner for Vinyl & Leather – Leather Honey Leather ConditionerThe Leather Honey made this concentrated formula for people who’re struggling with their vinyl and leathers in their car’s interior. If you’re such a person, this is your best bet of cheaply taking care of such a problem.

Honey Leather conditioner refreshes, cleans, and conditions your leathers and vinyl with ease. The bottle can be diluted (just use plain tap water) to make 32 ounces of premium-quality leather conditioner which will easily last you for several months.

Furthermore, the formula can clean all types of vinyl, leather, and similar surfaces. The honey leather conditioner can remove dirt, tough stains, grime, and oil. The only thing you can’t clean with this formula is suede. All in all, this cleaner boasts a massive value for the cash.

Honey Leather Conditioner specs

  • Concentrated formula – you can dilute the formula with water;
  • Versatile – this car leather conditioner can clean various types of leather, vinyl, tack, furniture, shoes, jackets, and handbags (excluding suede objects);
  • Great value – Honey Leather conditioner is quite cheap;


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Best Deep Leather Cleaner – Lexol 1115 Auto Interior Deep Cleaner

Best Deep Leather Cleaner – Lexol 1115 Auto Interior Deep CleanerHaving old, abused leather in your car is one thing, but having deep stains is something else. Deep stains are usually very hard to remove, but that’s not a problem for Lexol 1115 interior cleaner. This spray features a non-alkaline formula that deeply cleans and foams away the embedded dirt.

The foaming action of this spray breaks up the dirt trapped in oil within the car’s leather by cleaning and moisturizing the surface. The glycerin ingredient follows up pretty nicely, as it softens the surface after cleaning. All in all, Lexol 1115 deep cleaner is ideal for people who own leathers with deep stains.

Lexol 1115 Interior Deep Cleaner specs

  • Non-alkaline formula – there are no harmful ingredients in the formula;
  • Deep cleaning – Deep stains are removed easily with this cleaner;
  • Glycerin follow-up – this ingredient softens the surface of your leathers;


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