Best Car Cover – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Car covers can protect your car from sunlight, dust clouds, heavy winds, bird poop, and general pollution. There are even car covers that can withstand hailstorms these days.

Because of that, there is a huge difference between using no car cover and using a car cover, and there’s also a pretty big difference between using a bad car cover and a good one. We’ve reviewed the best car covers for you today

Best Car Covers Online

Car CoverBest in categoryMax size 
Hail Protector Portable Car Cover SystemHail protection270 inch
Kakit 6 Layers Car CoverWinter car cover229 inch
Kakit 5 Layers Car CoverSummer car cover210 inch
Audew Car Cover Sedan CoverUV reflection212 inch
Leader Accessories Car CoverBudget car cover264 inch

Keep in mind that if you want your car to look perfect, there is not a single car cover or car paint or car wax that can do the job on its own. But a combination of the best car paint, the best car wax, the best car cover, and a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule can ensure your car looks perfect even after multiple years.

Dust Resistance Car Cover

Originally car covers were mainly used against dust. Depending on where you live, dust can either be almost nonexistent, or be quite a problem. This is one of those times where a colder climate tends to beat a warmer climate. The warmer your place is, the more dust you’ll likely have. Of course all car covers in this list are at least decently dust proof.

UV Resistant Car Cover

When it comes to looks, dust is not the biggest threat to your car. All dust can be washed away pretty easily after all, while sunlight can damage the paintjob forever. Well, until you get a new paintjob of course.

Some waxes and polishes can help protect slightly against sunlight, but in the end the sun always wins. Unless you use a UV resistant car cover.

You may think that each car cover will be automatically UV resistant, as the car will be in the shadow of the cover. However, this isn’t true. Just like how people can still get sunburned in the shadow, or even when it was cloudy the entire day, same goes for you cars paint. A thick or special UV resistant cover is necessary to protect your car entirely. The car covers in this list all score well on UV resistance.

Waterproof Car Cover

Just as with sunlight, nowadays any car cover of at least somewhat decent quality will be waterproof. A car cover that isn’t even waterproof is a very odd car cover. Rest assured that all car covers in this article are fully waterproof.

Hail Car Cover

Most car covers are either incapable of withstanding hail, or capable of only withstanding the least bit of hail. The only exception in our list is the Hail Protector.

Dealing with hail is far more difficult than protecting against for example sunlight. Hail can get pretty big, in occasions even destroying houses. A car cover that protects against hail is less of a car cover and more of a bunker because of that reason.

Car Cover Sizes

Of course there is a difference between a jeep car cover and a corvette car cover. Despite that, the automobile covers in this article are about as one-size-fits-all as it can get. So whether you’re looking for a classic car cover or a jeep car cover, if you’re looking for something really special you’ll have to go for a custom car cover, otherwise at least one of the covers in this article should be a good fit.

Custom Car Covers

In this review we only looked at generalist car covers. There are also custom car covers which are custom made for specific vehicles. Usually the most common and the more expensive cars have custom car covers available, although often at a premium price.

Despite that those covers are made specifically for those cars, they are not necessarily of the best quality. So when buying a custom car cover, make sure to check out the reviews.

In the end custom car covers can be just as good as generalist ones, and they look a lot better on your car. If you want your car to look great even inside a car cover, then a custom car cover is the way to go. Unfortunately we couldn’t review custom fit car covers for all available cars, so you’ll have to find your own.

Hail Protector Portable Car Cover System

The aptly named hail protector is the best hail proof car cover available right now. As mentioned before, protecting against hail is no easy feat, as even houses succumb to heavy hail. The Hail Protector is therefore less of a car cover and more of a portable bunker. In fact, there is a video of people hurling bricks on top of it from 20-ish feet above.

The Hail Protector comes with a mobile app which includes a warning system and a remote control option. It’s available in 6 sizes (max 270 inch), and setup takes 15-30 minutes.

The Hail Protector is best at one thing, and that is protecting against hail. If your car isn’t going to be anywhere near hail, pick one of the other car covers, as they’ll be lighter, far cheaper, and easier to work with. But if there is going to be hail, when it comes to massive hail there’s only one good option.

Hail Protector key specs

  • Max size 270 inch
  • 15-30 minute setup
  • UV resistant
  • Water proof
  • Dust proof
  • Hail proof car cover (when activated)
  • Mobile app with warning system included


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Kakit 6 Layers Car Cover

The Kakit 6 layer car cover consists of 6 layers and protects against pretty much everything except hail. The car cover is uv, snow, rain, dust, heat resistant, and made of soft cotton lining which prevents scratches on your paint. Pretty much all covers are made of non-scratch materials, but the Kakit 6 layer car cover feels the softest.

The maximum size goes to 229 inch, and the Kakit comes with an anti-theft lock. This car cover is surprisingly easy to use as well. The Kakit is heavier than most of its direct competitors, and more geared towards being a winter car cover. While the UV protection is OK, this car cover really shines when it comes to snow and the like.

Kakit 6 Layer Car Cover key specs

  • Max size 229 inch
  • Comes with a lock
  • UV resistant
  • Water proof
  • Dust proof
  • Snow proof
  • Best winter car cover


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Kakit 5 Layers Car Cover

Yet another Kakit car cover and this one is quite interestingly named. What sets it apart from the 6 layer Kakit is that this is more of a summer car cover. Where the 6 layer mainly excels in snow and winter, the 5 layer is slightly thinner and easier to handle. While it can still withstand some snow, it really excels when it comes to UV resistance and dust resistance.

Just like the 6 layer Kakit, this car cover comes with a lock included. The maximum size goes up to 210 inch, which is a bit smaller as the 6 layer as well. As for all other features, they’re almost all the same.

Kakit 6 Layer Car Cover key specs

  • Max size 210 inch
  • Comes with a lock
  • UV resistant
  • Water proof
  • Dust proof
  • Best summer car cover


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Audew Car Cover Sedan Cover

The Audew is made of highly reflective and flexibly materials, making it perform well against UV and wind. It is one of the cheaper car covers available, and as such its overall quality is weaker as well. Despite that, it is definitely one of the best budget options.

Due to being lighter than the other car covers, it is one of the easiest to carry and use. The largest size goes up to 212 inch, which is not extremely large, but more than large enough for the majority of cars. Just make sure you double check if you have a large vehicle.

Because it is one of the most reflective car covers, it keeps your car very cool on hot days as well. With that it is one of the better sun car covers, and performs best in the summer and indoor.

Audew Car Cover key specs

  • Max size 212 inch
  • UV resistant
  • Water proof
  • Dust proof
  • Best cheap car cover


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Leader Accessories Car Cover

The Leader Accessories car cover is the most basic car cover available. There are a total of 5 sizes, ranging all the way from 157 inch to 264 inch, so even the largest cars are covered. It’s one of the best budget car covers available and performs up to standard.

Just like the other car covers, its dust proof, water proof, UV resistant, and can deal with at least some amount of snow. This cover is less reflective and a bit darker than the others, which means it can get hot inside if you leave your car with cover on in the sun the entire day.

Usage is simple and easy as well and the Leader Accessories car cover comes with a handy bag as well. There isn’t much to say about it other than that it’s simply a decent car cover, which does what it sets out to do.

Leader Accessories Car Cover key specs

  • Max size 264 inch
  • UV resistant
  • Water proof
  • Dust proof
  • Easy to use car cover


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Last words

If you got a motorcycle as well, check out our best motorcycle cover guide. Motorcycles tend to be even more vulnerable to dust and greedy eyes, so a cover tends to be worth it.

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