Best Car Air Purifier 2018 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Unpleasant interior odor is something that every car owner often has to deal with on a recurring basis. Many people complain that the air inside their car isn’t fresh and breathable. It becomes worse during the cold days when it is almost impossible to drive with the windows open.

The interior of the car usually gets cluttered with exhaust fumes, dust particles, unhealthy bacteria, cigarette smoke, pet dander and many other pollutants and allergens, circulating freely in the air. If combined, these elements can generate a very unpleasant odor, making it inconvenient and unbearable for the vehicle occupants. The limited space inside the car makes it even worse.

This is where car air fresheners come in quite handy. These interior accessories for a car work in different ways to achieve the same purpose i.e. to improve the quality of air inside the car.

Car Air PurifierBrandMain benefits 
FRiEQ Car Air PurifierFRiEQSmall & anti-allergens
Proto Air Car PurifierProtoAirSmall & easy to operate
Purggo Car Air Purifier Purggo100% self-reliant eco purifier
Homodox Car Air PurifierHomodoxGlossy & stylish

While all car air purifier brands claim to deliver results, if you have used a variety of them long enough, you know that they all do not produce the same results. Having information about the best car air purifiers on the market today is the key to avoiding disappointments with your purchase.  That’s why we thought we would put together a list of the best car air purifiers to choose from if you would like to improve the quality of air within your car hassle-free;

FRiEQ Car Air Purifier Review

Best Car Air Purifier - FRiEQ Car Air PurifierAt first look, the FRiEQ car air purifier is no different from its regular counterparts in the same price range. But don’t be fooled, despite its simplicity and inexpensive price tag, this interior accessory for the car gets the job done better than a good number of air purifiers out there.

  • With the ability to releases 4.8 million negative ions per cm³ in your car, this device will keep the interior of your vehicle smelling fresh with its massive odor-fighting power.
  • It generates negative ions that completely annihilate odor-causing substances from the air, rather than just covering up the smells like other purifiers, thereby improving and maintaining the quality of your car’s interior.
  • Whether it be cigarette, smoke, foot or any other unpleasant smell in your car, this compact unit will completely get rid of it and purify the environment so you can breathe easier and avoid also avoid shame.
  • What’s more, its compact and attractive design with blue LED light makes the interior of your car look nicer.
  • And it goes without mentioning that the device is pretty easy to use. It works with your regular cigarette lighter or adapter. Simply plug it into your lighter or adapter and the indication light will turn on, showing you that your purifier is working. To turn the device off, simply unplugged it.

Despite all these perks, the FRiEQ car air purifier is still one of the most affordable car interior accessories out there. There is nothing not to like about it.


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ProtoAir Car Purifier Review

Best Car Air Purifier - Proto Air Car PurifierWhen it comes to the best car air purifiers on the market right now, the list is never complete without the ProtoAir car purifier. This incredible air purifier for the car offers a lot more perks than you can imagine for a low-end product like it.

  • It gets rid of smoke, unpleasant smells, dust, pollen, and harmful airborne bacteria within your car, fast and efficiently, thanks to its enormous power i.e 3.8 million negative ions release per cm3. This is the real deal for those who are allergic!
  • It’s also very easy to operate. To use your ProtoAir purifier, simply plug your device into your car’s cigarette lighter component and you are ready to go!

This smart car interior accessory is great for both owners of new cars who would like to maintain the awesome smell of their car and for buyers of second-hand cars who would like to get rid of the harmful bacteria and unpleasant smells that they may inherit from the previous owner.


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Purggo Car Air Purifier Review

Best Car Air Purifier - Purggo Car Air PurifierPurggo is slightly different from the rest of the car air purifiers out there. This beautifully designed car interior accessory does not use cigarette lighters or adaptors or power to operate. Instead, it’s a 100% self-reliant eco purifier, offering natural, safe, fragrance and scent that will improve the environment within your car.

  • The freshener comprises of bamboo charcoal that efficiently absorbs and eliminates odor instead of masking it. The bamboo charcoal acts like a sponge, which traps odor particles, dust particles and 99% of unhealthy bacteria in your car.
  • The fact that Purggo uses renewable natural resources with an ability to last for more than 12 months when working 24/7 makes it a great choice for many car owners.
  • The design of the product is so simple, which makes it pretty easy to use. It comprises of an elastic strap for tying around the seat extender for the headrest before placing your purifier against the back part of your driver’s or co-driver’s seat and tightening the straps so it stays in place.
  • The product not only improves the quality of air inside your car, but it also enhances your car’s interior.


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Homdox Car Air Purifier Review

Best Car Air Purifier - Homodox Car Air PurifierIf you are looking for something that’s stylish and can handle all the unpleasant smells, tiny particles and allergens in your car, the Homdox air purifier is another great choice.

  • Homdox employs a cutting-edge technology which allows it to collect up to 99.97% of all air contaminants. This makes the device quite efficient at purifying the air inside a car, yet astonishingly, it is has a very decent price tag.
  • With a glossy finish and tiny openings around the top side that push clean air, the device pulls the dirty air from below and moves it through several filtration layers before it is released back into the space clean, fresh and healthy.
  • The only slight aspect that some people may not like of it is the size. This device is a bit large compared to its counterparts, so it might look a bit bulky.


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