About us


I’m Aaron and I am a dedicated gearhead. I love all things fast and have spent most of my adult life buying, fixing, and selling cars and bikes. If it has an engine I want to dig into it. I am also a techy and work in IT as my main job.

At 25 I have owned more vehicles than most people do over a lifetime. As of now I have owned 5 motorcycles and 12 cars and don’t plan to stop. Usually these end up being resold within a few months to make room(and money) for a new one. My favorites are classics, particularly old Jeeps.

Motorcycles are a passion for me, there is just something surreal about hopping on a bike and just going, no plan, no destination, just riding until you find what you are looking for. I’m a bit of a thrill seeker, so I tend to do stupid things like going 125 miles per hour through the back roads of New Mexico.

As I mentioned before, IT is my main job. But lately I’ve become more passionate about writing, which resulted in me writing a few articles for TheRevver whenever time allows. Writing not only helps me in becoming better at expressing myself, but it also gives me a great opportunity to learn more about motorcycles this way.

My favorite article is the best mini bikes guide.


Hello! I’m Adam and I’ve been interested in bikes since a very, very young age. In fact, my dad used to ride a motorcycle back when I was a kid, which might have influenced that. I believe that in today’s always busy society it is a great idea to take some time off every so often, and the best way to “reset” yourself if you only have a few hours is to go out on a ride in my opinion.

Riding is one of the things I would love to dedicate a big part of my life to. Unfortunately, I have other obligations for time being. But that doesn’t stop me from making the most of my time, and sharing what I know with others.

Lastly, I’m a big proponent of safety. Safety might sometimes sound boring, but all it takes is one crash and you may never ride again. It doesn’t even have to be your fault. There are plenty of drunk drivers on the road, safely tucked into their cars and SUV’s. Keeping your motorcycle in top notch condition and buying good gear can really make a difference there. So I hope I can at the very least help a few people ride more safely.

My favourite article is the best motorcycle oil guide.